Protecting Children from Bullies or becoming a Bully – No

Parents, you are Responsible

Keeping children safe from bullies is first, the Parent’s Responsibility and second the school’s. The parent should teach their children confidence by helping them find their inner strength in order to stand up to bullies. However I do believe it is the responsibility of the school to protect kids from dangerous children, in which case the school should be questioning why a dangerous child is even enrolled in their school. From my own personal experience and years of intense therapy I have learned that bullying is a test of will and a Child’s false sense of empowerment due to not finding positive power in their own lives.

Growing up in an environment where I wasn’t shown my true worth and was thrown into school after school due to lack of family stability, I was  bullied, starting in Jr High. Children raised in my environment go in one of two directions, they either withdraw becoming the perpetrated or they become the perpetrator. Bullying would not get physical if a child stood up to a bully with confidence and powerful words. l did not stand up for myself because I felt worthless and it showed and I now know this made me a target for bullies. It is not the responsibility of school officials to stand up to the bully because this diminishes the Child’s Power to step forward, standing up for themselves, This is a life lesson that instills confidence into a child.

I also saw many of my close friends become bullies and some were bullied but the ironic observation I made was that most of the children I interacted with and looked up to were the children who got along with almost everyone, even the bullies. This was the confident, smart child who spoke up for themself but didn’t shout nor whisper. This was the active child in academics or sports. When a child is honed with positive reinforcement consistently and given responsibilities along with healthy activities that showcase their talents and inner strength, they begin to shine, in the end becoming children others flock to, the child the bully envies and cannot touch. This parenting is easier said than done but is it not worth it? I have already started my two young children on this path although it is hard to make courageous choices for them as well as myself constantly, I know I have to. To the bullies now, I would have no problem standing up to you today and I’d ask, “Have you found your self worth?”