Psychology and Sociology in High School

Students in today’s world face many obstacles above and beyond traditional education venues. They come from varied backgrounds. Students may have only one parent at home, an abusive situation, a drinking parent, or one of many other situations that affect his daily life outside of school. They deal with other students daily who have many different kinds of issues to face in their everyday lives when they leave the structured educational system.

Studying psychology and sociology can help students understand the nature of others around them. When they begin to understand the background of why some people act as they do, they can gain an understanding of why they think and act as they do, themselves.

Sociology and psychology can deal, at least to a degree, on the issues facing children in this day and age. Students can gain insight on the thinking processes, (or lack of them), of gang associations, drug misuse issues, divorce, and other aspects of daily life in their environment. They can gain knowledge of what makes a person want to belong to a gang. They can discover why some people are more prone to drug misuse than others. They can learn about marriage and the commitment it takes to stay in a long relationship. These are just a few examples of situations students may someday find themselves in.

By learning why people associate with gangs, misuse drugs and other issues, students are forced to take a look at their own predicaments and may possibly find answers to their own problems.

Students are introduced in sociology and psychology, not only to why certain people act the way they do, but different approaches various society factions use to deal with situations as a group.

They learn about themselves and the changes the brain makes as it begins to mature. In other words, students may learn that their outlooks on issues facing them may actually change as their personal hormonal balances change from day to day.

Sociology and psychology studies give students some understanding about themselves and the world they live in. Classes can be structured to particular groups of students and touch on issues close to them. Depression, dealing with adversity, anger issues; all can be addressed in the study of psychology and sociology.

Get a kid talking and thinking about what is going on in his head and the world around him and he will be able to better think things through more adequately on his own in the future.