Psychology the Mandatory course of Action

Psychology (preferably personality psychology), or at least an introductory course, should be a mandatory course in all high schools. The major problem that keeps our world from being united together is the lack of ability to accept others, despite their differences in beliefs. Psychology, the study of the mind, teaches one to understand how people think and act and why they choose to believe in certain things. It helps one understand that, despite your opinion, upbringing and events change others and mold them into who they are.

According to John Hume, difference is the essence of humanity and an accident of birth. The arguments and fights people always have with each other and between themselves come from a lack of understanding and disrespect for difference. It is the sole reason why people constantly feud over very foolish things. While Psychology will not end all wars and promote world peace, it will bring us into a new era where the new generation will learn to understand each other and solve their differences in ways other than fights, arguments, and slander. There should be no need to calumniate when issues can be resolved openly as mature ladies and gentlemen. This should be reason enough that people are required to learn how to interpret how another thinks and behaves; if not for our safety, for the safety of others.

By making Psychology a mandatory course, students can learn to understand people and their personality. Personality psychology has to do with the personality traits of others. Since psychology is based on many theories, understanding those theories can go very far for students in their understanding. For example, personality types are identified by observing traits that include extraversion versus introversion, intuition versus sensing, thinking versus feeling, and perceiving versus judging. Also, by identifying traits in conjunction with knowing the stage of development, number of siblings, and the time you were born (as first, middle, last child), it somehow could all affect the person and their development into who they become and how they act.

Students will learn many theoretical differences of beliefs, including, but not limited to, freedom versus determinism, heredity versus environment, and optimistic versus pessimistic. Students will be exposed to the many ways people respond in situations and the possible reasons why they react in that particular way. Through this, students learn to respect and understand one another better, thus allowing them to co-exist in a far more peaceful manner.

For these reasons, Psychology should be a mandatory course. It teaches students to understand each other. Furthermore, it is hoped that it will teach us students to respect and accept each other.