Public Schools should be Allowed to Offer Condoms – Disagree

More than ever in our culture, sex is being publicized constantly. Young people are being told over and over how important it is to have “safe sex”. Apparently, sex is only safe when we are preventing it from doing what it is intended to do; to create new life. Birth control products, such as condoms, are what make sex safe. 

Sadly, our society has also conformed itself to the mindset that any age person should have every option for “safe sex” available to them as well. But the issue here is whether or not public schools should be allowed to offer “safe sex” products to their students; namely, condoms. The answer to that question, is no. Honestly, that should never be a question that has to be asked. 

Sex is already so commercialized, we don’t need to be catering to the innocence of children as well! By offering them to students, the school is basically endorsing pre-marital sex and showing, through their actions, that it is perfectly ok. Public schools have absolutely no place to be encouraging sexual practices. We cannot allow public institutions to begin offering products which cater to people’s sexual activity. Children have a natural innocence about them. Offering them condoms tells them that having sex before marriage is ok. Personally, I believe that sex before marriage is wrong. Condoms allow people to use sex in the wrong way, and public schools are endorsing immoral practices by offering them to their students.

Another point to consider, is what else will schools begin to offer? A school is a place of education, not a source of free “safe sex” products. If they begin offering contraceptives, what will they begin to offer next? We cannot allow schools to begin offering free products to their students. One thing will lead to another, if public schools are offering condoms now. Who’s to say they won’t begin offering other free products as well. This is not a step that public schools should be making. That also leads us to the question of who will pay for them? Will the government be funding free contraceptives for public school students? What a ridiculous waste of money. Our government cannot afford to be supplying the public with contraceptives and birth control. 

Offering condoms is not the place of a public school and they should never be granted the right to do so.