Public Schools should Impose Mandatory Drug Testing on Students – Agree

Kids should be tested for drugs in the schools. It’s a sad situation but the truth of the matter is that most kids gain access to drugs from their peers. It’s easy to get drugs at school and one of the reasons it’s easy is because it’s one of the hardest places to track the problem. The schools should have some tool to find these kids and get then into rehab or, at the very least, out of the school system so they can’t propagate it among their peers.

Parents are so terrified, they’ll find out their kid is using drugs that they are fighting tooth and nail to protect the “rights” of their kids. Who are they trying to kid? I would like to believe my kid is clean but if he isn’t, then I sure want to know about it. I believe that my kid tells me the truth when we talk about things like that but I’m not so blind as to believe that if he is lying to me, I’ll spot it immediately with some kind of cosmic “mom” radar. We need to stop chanting “but he’s just a kid” and grow up ourselves and realize that these kids are being exposed (sometimes daily) to drugs. They are illegal. They are addictive substances that can kill them.

I would like to believe that my parenting is so utterly perfect that there is no way my child could ever conceive of the idea of taking drugs. But, his life is worth more than my pride.

A hundred years ago we used to educate our kids at home. They stayed safe because they didn’t go anywhere. Now we pack our 6 year olds a lunch and send them into a building full of possibilities to learn alongside not so great kids who will in later years try to sell them drugs.

Personal rights – as they exist now – are a hold over from a time when drugs were simply unavailable. Lack of transportation alone stifled any chance of a drug trade. Now? It’s rampant. We need a new system of checks and balances to keep ourselves and our kids safe in the new reality that is this drug infested modern civilization as we know it.
Our kids need and deserve to have rights, but we need to redefine those rights in light of the risks and dangers they have to face in the schools.

I want my kids to be safe and if they have to pee in a cup once or twice a month to stay safe then I am all for it.