Reading Levels at all Time Low but Grades at all Time High

Today’s students are doing poorly partly because the School system is less interested in teaching, and focus more on “marketing”. This race for additional funding can become evil. This is not helping our kids learn. The interest is in doping them up in exchange for “fund raising”.

Don’t Use My Kid for Your “Fund Raising”

If you have ever had a hard time getting your child interested in learning, you are not alone. Eighty percent of American children have some trouble learning initially. Keep in mind that everyone was young once. Even you weren’t born knowing everything. (Although each one of us would like to believe we were!) Each child learns at his or her own speed and with proficiency in specific areas. For example: some children seem to “get” math easily, while others lean more toward reading. Isn’t that what learning is all about? Children are not born with the “knowledge” of reading and writing. They are supposed to learn a little at a time.
There will be some students that seem to be learning at a slower pace than others. This is completely normal, but these students will be assigned an EIP. Be especially vigilant if this is the case for your child. EIP’s were originally designed to help come up with different approaches to teaching. They enlist a panel to “help” your child’s teachers find new ways to teach that are supposed to be geared toward your child’s particular learning style.
It’s an excellent concept if that was the true purpose. The truth is, it’s a way to meet with you to see how gullible you are and see if you can be sold on the idea that (ADD ADHD) exists (it doesn’t) and that your child “has” it.

Here’s how it works:

The idea is to try to get YOU to help the school label your child as “mentally handicapped”. The school is not allowed to “practice’ medicine, so they get around that hang-up by getting YOU to sign a permission form for you to do it yourself! Sometimes it is called a “Snap C Checklist”, but it has other names. It gives them the right to question you about your child’s habits, even what you and your family do while at home! Then they can invite outside “mental health” officials to come in the school and “observe” your child for “mental illness”.

Trust me, they WILL find some. Why? Everyone who can pay for “services’ probably has mental illness. And you will be BOUND by their “findings”.
At this point they are allowed to (strongly suggest) that you seek “mental health” (HELP) for your child. This means that you are directed by the school to see a Psychiatrist. They will tell you it is your choice to follow this recommendation, but you are made to seem by them that you are refusing medical attention for your child if you refuse. It does not matter if it is against your beliefs.

I would strongly caution you to think of motives here. The school plays on your own emotional attachment to your child, and your sincere desire to help him/her in school. Who wouldn’t? Also, the school officials want to “help” your child too, right? What do they have to gain by encouraging something that is not in the child’s best interest?
Money is a good motivator to do harm instead of good. Each school is PAID somewhere around $600 or so PER STUDENT if they can get them labeled as handicapped, so there is a HUGE motivation to hand over as many children as they can. It’s called fund raising.
They don’t work alone. The psychiatric community continually contacts school officials to let them know that they are not “taking advantage” of “available services”. How do they know that? How do they know that the school is not taking advantage of “services”?
This means that they want more numbers. More children enlisted in psychotherapy. They call it help. How do they get those numbers? Are they allowed access to our children’s school records? PARENTS are not allowed access to all parts of their child’s records. This is really backward.

If you decide to (go along) and take your child to a psychotherapist, the so-called “doctor” will ask a lot of really personal questions (mainly to find out which “mental disease” you can pay for) and then “diagnose” your child with that one. Then the “doctor” prescribes your child with dangerous, mind numbing drugs. Once the school has that information, they run with it by making sure you always give your child the drugs. (more questionnaires?) If they find out you quit, they can report you to Child Welfare Services that you are abusing your child!
Teachers become spies for the psychotherapists. There are already some in school. Ever heard of a school counselor? Who do they answer to? What is their job? Isn’t it illegal not to report so-called “abuse”?

You are now legally bound by law to drug your child, or you will be threatened to have your child taken away! And you will be left thinking, “Why is it abuse?” “I didn’t drug my kid before this, and it wasn’t child abuse”.

Once you are in this system, it is almost impossible to break free. You no longer have a right to make medical or educational decisions for your child, since (he/she) is now labeled with a (disease/handicap) that has what they call a “LIFE” sentence and will hinder your child from certain rights. You can be denied access into the armed services and some other government jobs. It doesn’t offer your child a good start in life. These outright abuses of the law will go on all the time, and the government is all for it unless and until parents stand up for their right to raise and educate their children.

Why? Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money. If they can’t sell you their drugs, they lobby the government to make it illegal not to buy them! It is a frightening thought. Does this sound like freedom to you? It sounds like Gestapo to me. Parents have rights and they are being systematically taken from us. Consider researching and voting on house bill HR2387, which gives parents the right to protect their children.

We need more people to stand up and say: “Don’t use my child for your fund raising!”