Reasons for getting a High School Diploma

There are a number of good reasons to get a High School diploma. For starters,  It opens the door to university, college and other educational opportunities.  With a degree from higher schools of learning, comes a chance to get an excellent paying job.  Naturally, post-secondary education is not needed in every good job opportunity.  But a high school diploma does.  It shows an employer that at least the prospective employee was able to stick it out with high school, and thus may be at lease competent enough to do the job sought.  In some ways, it is a certification of having at least a general understanding of English, math, science, etc.  Therefore, they have at least general ability to do a job that does not require higher schools of learning. 

Post-secondary education allows somebody a chance to shoot for even better jobs, pay and benefits.  This does not necessarily mean one has to enroll in Harvard University.  But even trade schools offer a chance to make very good money and benefits.  A high school diploma is a ticket to these.  Some people may have natural talents, abilities and higher-IQs, but they need at least a high school diploma to at least get into the hiring door of an employer.  Besides, it also proves to the potential employee that at the very least their talents and abilities measure up with the proof of a high school diploma. 

The acquiring of a diploma fills a person with pride, bringing out the very good attributes that pushed them through high school in the first place.  With the impetus from graduation, the new high school graduates have a strong early ‘push’ in life that may just see them in a very good life for themselves and their own.   Effectively, it acts as a catalyst or lightning rod for the abilities, strengths and attributes of a student.  They can showcase who they are and where they may be going.  They have a chance to be encouraged and positively moulded into something that they may able to obtain through the hard work and effort they’ve already demonstrated.  The experience becomes more than just education-it is making a pathway for the student to where they can possibly go to.  In the process, they learn valuable life experiences and knowledge that should become part of who they are.