Reasons to Stay in School

No one ever said after earning a high school diploma that they wish that they didn’t stay in school. There are few ways that a high school diploma could ever hurt anyone. Few people, if any, automatically biologically inherit all of the skills and knowledge that they will need during their entire lifetime. If nothing else, earning a high school diploma offers an individual the opportunity to further their career later down the road.

If an individual wants to enter a career path that does not require a formal education they should certainly follow that path. People do not usually continue working for the same employer for their entire life. Moving up within an organization or changing careers requires either on the job training or additional education. With the current state of the economy, many low skilled jobs that require little education currently offer much lower pay increases even when the prices of all other goods and services increase. This means that an individual that does not have the ability to make themselves a more valuable commodity will fall further and further behind in relation to the natural progression of inflation.

When the choice is made to not pursue a formal education, that choice is often made without regard to the future. Learning a trade or a craft that cannot be readily taught in a formal manner is no less significant than earning a PhD. There are many overly educated ‘scholars’ that have no substantial career or have contributed nothing to society. Higher education is by no means a silver bullet to a better life. Pursuing goals and going about that in an intelligent manner will benefit any future hopeful in any industry. Having a high school diploma, if nothing else, gives an individual the ability to be able to make more choices in the future.

In this day and age, the idea that no child should be left behind is more prominent than ever. For those individuals that are having trouble in school and are embarrassed to ask for help, there are online sources and advisors at your school that are available to help you. They don’t know that you need help or don’t realize that you care unless you let them know. Everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed and have the opportunity for a better life and now more than at any other time in history the resources are available if you are willing to tap into them.