Reasons why Breakfast is so Important for Kids

Breakfast is important for students due to myriad factors, and their academic success depends partly on proper nutrition and regular meals. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, and should never be omitted from the daily regimen. Students need to be properly fed upon their arrival at school, or else their studies may be compromised.

One of the main reasons why breakfast is important for students is that they need to have the requisite amount of energy to begin their school day. If their fuel cells are depleted, their concentration will be hindered, and may not be getting the right dosage of oxygen to the brain.

Without energy, lethargy sets in, and a student needs to be alert in order to achieve success. Not eating breakfast is detrimental to students, and to their attention. Students need to learn how to make healthy choices, as these will have a tremendous impact on their daily life.

A focused attention is required for students, and if they have not eaten breakfast, there could be serious consequences and repercussions that seem unfathomable due to skipping breakfast. A hungry student will be far more focused on other things, such as eating food, or watching the clock to see when class is over.

A student that has not had breakfast may also be more willing to leave class in order to saunter down to the cafeteria or locker and pick up a quick piece of junk that will have harmful side effects rather quickly.

Along with the importance of eating breakfast for students, the food intake should be of high quality. Junk food is nothing more than empty calories, and gives a false sense of being full, and then there is the sudden crash that can leave you listless, which will hamper your school work as well.

A healthy, well-balanced breakfast can give you just the start to your day that is necessary, and can boost your overall performance academically.

When you decide to skip breakfast, you are essentially signalling to your body that it is going to starve, and it takes immediate action to begin storing fat for later use. This is a great cause of weight gain, although the prevailing mindset is that it is a great way to lose weight.

Skipping meals is a poor way for a student to try and combat weight issues, and especially when it is breakfast. In order to maintain proper health, people should concentrate more on what they are putting into their bodies, because garbage in equals garbage out.

Sacrificing breakfast in order to sleep a little bit longer, or to spend too much time crimping your hair and texting can have negative effects on your academic progress. Instead, make the effort to eat a wholesome breakfast, and give yourself the opportunity to do as well as possible at school. Considering that education is very important to your future, you may well want to reconsider skipping breakfast.

Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise. Now that is something to chew on.