Recommended Clubs for every High School

Throughout high school life, children and teens are encouraged to join as many extracurricular activities as possible. It is rumored that those who do a variety of new activities when they are younger, grow up to be a more interesting, diverse and ambitious individual, who is not likely to be scared away by new experiences and meeting new people.

Many children nowadays, are hurried by their parents to football practise and netball matches, as well as taken out to old houses and historic monuments, to help spark their interest in the world. But parents cannot achieve this feat of creating an engaging adult on their own. This is why high schools must also offer seemingly endless possibilities to fill the child’s day.

High schools all seem to offer the same activities, for example athletics, hockey, football, netball and tennis. These are to help create a competitive atmosphere between the teams and make the children and teenagers feel like they are working towards something. This normally takes the shape of a medal or a trophy that will be put on a shelf for all to see.

There is nothing wrong with these activities being part of their daily lives. They offer exercise and enjoyment on a basic level. They also offer team working abilities and commitment, which all schools should teach the younger generations. These are important life skills which teenagers need to master, in order to become that ‘engaging adult’. However, many do not follow the norm, and therefore do not enjoy those activities.

One idea that is appealing to many schools recently, is the idea of clubs and activities that are not so regular and are not offered so much at schools. This allows for a dramatic number of students to become interested in things like this and for many more pupils to have a more well-rounded education. This is, after all, what the parents want for their child.

These clubs could include: Fencing, Archery, Rowing, Debating, Journalism, Film club, Swimming and many more.

All of these clubs offer extra interests to those who may not have thought of them as activities they might like or may not have been offered something like it before. Fencing, for example, offers up a whole new sporting world, that may not have appealed to a pupil before. It doesn’t involve the running or team playing like rugby or football, but makes the fencer feel like they have something to work towards by themselves, for themselves. They can rely on themselves and, if they win a tournament or a competition, can say, “Yes. I won that on my own.” They will have a huge sense of satisfaction and the parents may feel their child’s enthusiasm increase for fencing.

Journalism is a whole new ball game. Instead of playing sport, your child can use their curiosity for new things to help them learn about journalism and also to help them with their English skills. As well as taking an interest in world news and other things going on around their school, they can also improve how they write; therefore improving one of the most important skills you need in life. They can learn to persuade people, talk to people and improve their social character.

With all high school clubs, children need to be able to improve themselves in a way to make them feel better and to help them figure out who they want to be now and when they are older. The clubs listed above are all recommendations that will give a child a purpose and make them feel themselves. The message to schools out there is that children need a variety of after school activities and the normal, everyday ones may not suit everyone.

In addition to the ones listed above there are many others out there and if a group in your school need a certain club, give it to them. In this way every child can do something he/she wishes to do.