Required Courses in High School

High schools around the country all have a curriculum to follow. Guidance counselors follow a strict guide as to what is offered to each student. If the student is a high achiever, he or she gets a choice as to other courses they can take, such as college level courses. Many students will have accumulated over eighteen hours of college credit. But all students will have the required English, Math, and Social Studies classes. Also included are Physical Education classes that have to be taken in order to graduate. History, Science, and some types of Communication classes are usually found to round out the needed graduation credit.

Out of all the classes the high school student must take, the debate could be made that we are not teaching our children responsibility, accountability, and mannerism. We have all kinds of mandatory classes that deal with the cognitive aspects of learning. It shapes our society and continues to allow our children the possibility of a long and prosperous life in the world. We except our children to be smart and business savvy. But what about the problems of social interactions that our kids will be facing in the world of competition, and collaboration?

We see our students today in the classroom struggling with the ability to be courteous, and respectful to their teachers. They have the minds of genius, but the sarcasm of a bad friend. We need to offer in our curriculum the class of obedience and trustworthiness. A class that teaches the student how to interact with others that may or may not be of the same gender. How to respect the others culture and socioeconomic status. A class of responsibility of character and non-judgemental aspects of others. This class could teach our leaders of tomorrow the importance of being on time, and helping those students that have problems even getting to school.

One could wonder what would happen if our students were to travel over seas. Imagining that he or she would need to eat and dine in a proper setting, would they have the proper training to understand that we don’t eat with our elbows on the table? How about proper dinnerware items and how to place them in the correct places. In some countries, this is considered a rudeness that a person may not be able to overcome. And the sad fact is, if they were not taught manners and customs, they may not even know they have offended the host offering the meal.

All classes are important to well round our kids. Also important are classes of demeanor and elegance. We are sure to offer our learners how to use items of technology, and hopefully we can show our stewards how to act in professional situations that will shape all areas of the learning styles of each student.