Revision how to Stay Focussed

Become a professional in revision by staying in control of the process, giving yourself plenty of time to prepare before the date the test arrives. Start by drawing up a timetable of subjects, assessing, which need the most work and allocating revision periods to suit. Make a colourful chart for the wall, so that progress can be recorded to boost levels of confidence.

Buy some new notebooks and coloured pens and decide on a suitable place to study. This needs to be somewhere that is comfortable but where you won’t be disturbed by other activity.

Study periods need to be kept quite short. Use your standard lesson length as an indication of how long you have become accustomed to study. Take regular breaks for food and drink. Exercise in the fresh air can also help, giving your brain an opportunity to consolidate what you have been learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Walking is a great way to allow thinking on a tricky subject. It is important to keep your body healthy and active, an inquiring mind processes and stores materials more readily.

If there are topics that you don’t understand then these are where you need to carry out further research. Approach your teacher for more guidance or look on the Internet.

Work through papers from previous years so that you are accustomed to the style of questions and the lengths of answer that are expected.

From your notes draw up diagrams or cartoons of how the subject interlinks. The process of creating the diagrams helps clarify what the subject is about. By focusing on the drawing process the background information becomes part of your toolbox of knowledge and by working with it, it will be easier to recall.

If you have a voice recorder then make vocal notes as you revise. By paraphrasing you will develop greater understanding in how the information links together.

Start any revision sessions with fact memorisation. If there is new jargon to learn write the new words on small slips of paper with the meaning on the reverse, shuffle them in a small tin and test yourself on ten each session.

Allow a revision period with a classmate, or text a question to each other periodically to make the process more competitive. Remember to focus on the revision subject though, not stray into everyday trivia.

Focus is about keeping your attention on the subject you are revising. Search for the key that will make the subject interesting and stimulating for you, bring it to life, whether by reading, pictures, diagrams, voice recordings, video clips whatever.