Revision Tips

++ Revision Tips ++

We all have went through dreaded exams and no matter what level you are on you feel so stressed and nervous before any exam. It can leave you very tense and feel like pulling your hair out through fustration! I have sat lots of different exams throughout my life and gave learnt some topes (the hard way!) which some people may find helpful.

First tip is to prepare well in advance. Look through your notes after class. In my opinion spend a small amount of time after class at home making sure you understood everything in class and if you have any problems address them straight away by asking for help. Most people are wondering the same things as you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. Once it is coming up to exam time set out your course into small chunks which will be easy to read in one night. Then concentrate on one aspect at a time. Draw up a revision timetable, which is realistic for you to stick to.

Everyone’s different but I find that revising with no noise is the best option. Some people find it easier to concentrate while listening to music but I find that once the exam comes and I’m trying to answer questions on the paper I can’t get the stupid songs out of my head and this is very distracting.

Once you have sorted your course into small chunks so it is easy to manage I find it helpful to read them over and over so it sticks into my head. Then for myself I write out condensed notes and read them over and over. Nearer to the exam I write out key points to remember and write them down when I go straight into an exam then I remember not to miss any key points out. Another useful thing to do is flow charts and diagrams, as they sometimes are easier to remember.

*The night before the exam*

Try not to stress out and get anxious, if you are happy that you have everything clear in your head it is sometimes best to not look at anything to do with the exam. In my experience I always find reading over your notes that one last time does help.

Make sure you don’t stay up all night cramming in last minute information, get a good nights sleep. Not only will you be tired for the exam but you also will not be alert or able to concentrate properly during the exam. If you are rested you can think clearly and will be able to do better. One time before an exam I decided to stay up all night, as I felt very unprepared so I drank two Red Bull to stay awake. Big mistake! Not only was I really sick from the Red Bull as it made my heart race and upset my stomach, I was kept up all night not being able to sleep and not able to revise either. I was very tired the next day and still didn’t feel any better prepared for the exam.

As you will be properly rested from your night sleep I would advise you to get up early and have a proper breakfast so you won’t be hungry and distracted during the exam.

Don’t panic during the exam as you stay calm you can collect your thoughts better. Try to think back to when you were revising.

Always remember that at the end of the day it is only an exam. Just answer all questions to the best of your ability and you know you have done your best.