School Administrators how to Win the Respect of Students

Respect is one of the most important cornerstones of effective leadership. As a school administrator, you hold the important task of leading, guiding, and helping students to realize their potential. If your students respect you, it is easy to direct and lead them. It is a great power that every leader wants to have. Nevertheless, respect does not come free. It is a product of hard work, careful thinking, and cautious self-discipline in the part of the leader (e.g. school administrator). Below are some of the pointers that you must take in mind in order to get the respect of your students that will be very helpful in your job and role as a school administrator.

Keep your promises

Words should not be words alone. If you promise or assure something, you must do your best in order to fulfill it. Children and young adults already experienced false promises that made them skeptic to the promises of the adults. Make a difference. Prove to them, through your actions that you can take full responsibility and fulfill what you promised. If they know that you have the power and will to realize your promises, they will differentiate you from the people that disappointed them in the past.

Acknowledge your Mistake

In situations that you find yourself in the mistake end, do not hesitate to take full responsibility for your mistakes. If it is really your fault, never blame other people for what happened. People can instinctively feel that you are saving yourself even when you point your fingers to other people. If you made a mistake, acknowledge it, apologize for it, and do your best so the mistake will not happen again in the future.

Compliment and Praise

All people want to feel appreciated. Kids and young adults want to feel that their superiors oversee and carefully watch them. They feel huge feeling of satisfaction if you notice and praise the good deeds that they made. Nevertheless, don’t become a compliment or praise junkie. If they sense that you are praising everybody for no reasons at all, your words can easily lose their mark.

As a school administrator, your job will be easier if you have the respect of your students. As stated, it will be easier for you to lead and direct them if they know that you are a man or a woman worthy of their respect. If you earn and maintain your respect, you are the person that they will never forget even after the end of their stay in your school – even until they are old.