School Administrators how to Win the Respect of Students

Winning the respect of students may seem like an arduous task for a school administrator. The exact path to respect will vary based upon the age of the children and school, however certain actions can help to make this path easier. Keep working as much as you can until you have earned their respect.

Show confidence

It is important to always appear confident in front of the students, even if you do not feel like it. Stand up tall and look at students in the eye when you talk to them. Speak in an authoritative tone instead of whispering. Unspoken body language can go a long way in portraying self confidence or weakness. Even if you are not sure if a particular decision is the right one to make, do not appear to waver. The students will lose confidence in you if you do not appear to have any yourself.

Do not play favorites

You may love the students who listen to you, never get into trouble and always try to help. You may feel less enthusiasm for the students who get into fights, are rude to others and create problems for the entire class. Despite these feelings, it is important for you to treat all of the students equally. Of course you will reward and punish as dictated by your job, but do not let your personal feelings show. If the students think that you are unfair, then they will not respect you.

Keep your cool

Being a school administrator can be frustrating and difficult. You may lose your temper and get the urge to show it. Do not do so. You should always remain in control. Many students want nothing more than for you to get upset. They want to affect you and will lose respect for you if you do. Show that you are always together, and they may respect you more for it.

Do not let students get away with things

Students will try to cross the line with you. They may be disrespectful or say something almost as if daring you to retaliate. You may not want to deal with it and be tempted to let something slide. It is important for you not to do that. If you start to let students get away with being disrespectful to you, then it will be a downward spiral. Make sure that it is very clear as to the behavior you expect from them. If they treat you any differently, then take immediate and appropriate action.

Be supportive

Students want their administrators to be supportive of what they do. Praise the students when their actions warrant it. Go to the after school events such as the football games and band concerts. Learn as many students’ names as you can. Show that it matters to you. Show that you are not just there to earn a paycheck at a job that you do not like. What you are doing is meaningful. Make sure that the students understand that you believe this, too.

Do not share personal issues with your students

Your students may lose respect for you if they find out about your personal problems or other issues that show you in a weaker light. You should keep your personal life away from your students. Also, do not showcase any problems that you have with another member of the school staff. They may side with the other person and feel less respect towards you because of that.  

A school administrator can make a big difference in a child’s life. They can do their job much more effectively if they can earn the respect of the students. Try the above techniques to get to the place you want to be.