School Bullys enough is enough – Agree

Should a three strikes and you’re out rule be instituted? Perhaps. Let us look at the context. It’s considered bullying when a boy pulls a girl’s hair in elementary school, but studies show that it is just how boys would play with other boys. Should it be explained to the child that this is not the way to interact with the opposite sex. At a young age like that and with only a mild offense, it should be a warning. However, there are children running around on playgrounds that are out of control and parents are reluctant to do anything to prohibit their children from such acts as vandalism, harassment (verbal, sexual or physical) and numerous other destructive acts of aggression.

A group of teenagers gang up on a teenage girl and shatter her self esteem by verbally assaulting her over her appearance. Strike One. A teenage girl writes a derogatory remark on the personal belongings of another student. Strike Two. A student comes up behind another student in the hallway and pulls there pants down for their other classmates to see. Strike Three. Does this seem extreme? Does it seem extreme to allow this type of behavior to continue without any long term repercussions? There will always be different cliques that people belong with. It is part of the social conduct that we are formed into and we cannot escape. Maybe without the people who instigate these socially destructive behaviors and self image shattering comments, we can finally break through the wall holding back the “nerd” from talking to the “preps.” Maybe we can finally see each other as people who are playing on equal ground and judged, not by an outward appearance or series of embarassing moments, but by a collection of personality traits as a whole.

Sure, this seems like a ridiculous idea to open up to, but just consider what life would have been like when you were in high school or JR high if those people were not thrown into the same social mix you were accustomed to. Should not we give teens at least a chance to get along with all of their peers without the teasing, torments or depression? With the three strikes rule, we still can not eliminate the problem completely before it arises, but we can at least minimalize it, and is that not worth taking a look into? It is up to you as responsible commuters to make the changes to your local schools.