School Districts Cash Rewards High Grades Test Scores – No

The concept of offering cash rewards for good grades and high test scores is like a bomb ready to go off. As a former substitute teacher, it’s highly doubtable that this concept would work at all. Implementing a concept like that is like digging a very deep hole that you would not be able to easily crawl out from. Ethically, it wouldn’t work. The application is way too easy. In life, taking the “easy” path often leads to numerous problems in the future. Should a system like that be implemented in school districts, it will be more destructive than it would be constructive.

It’s very much not money well spent. This probably can and will damage students and the job as being a teacher in the future. In the case of students, it’s going to ruin their chances for a career because all they’ll think of are the dollar signs. Whenever money is introduced into a system, there are numerous problems. It’s going to lead to all sorts of corruption and so forth. In the case of government and business, this has happened many times. Take a look at the GOP within the last year, for example. There were so many scandals in the Republican Party. However, there are also scandals on the part of the Democratic Party as well.

In the case of students as most haven’t developed maturely, introduction of money in that regards will cause them to get greedy. Of course you’ll initially get higher grades and test scores and exam grades. But that’s going to get very expensive. Not to mention, it’s going to cost a lot of tax dollars in the process. When it starts getting expensive which it will, school districts will do away with that. Eventually, the school districts that implement the concept will stop. When that happens, the students in most cases won’t be motivated as without the incentive. Their grades are going to slip. They won’t care about good grades and good test scores.

Keep in mind that the colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning are going to be watching both the high schools and middle schools very carefully. You can get a good deal of information about high schools and middle schools from the various colleges. Even they would be wary about the concept of giving cash incentives for high grades. But they do give out money in the form of scholarships to pay for class tuition and so forth. However, they would strongly criticize the concept.

One would ask, what is the money given to being put forth to? It could work if this would be put forth into individual college funds as an example. But, it’s highly doubtable as it would happen. If it’s just money in general allowing students do whatever they want with it, then it’s going to be damaging. The concept will also very much promote greed as well as it will be the only thing students think about. Students will possibly carry that mentality outside of school.

Students will be driven to cheat as a result. That’s not good at all. Schools are going to lose their credibility. In short, this is going to be one big mess.

For teachers, that’s also going to promote greed as well. They might encourage their students to cheat just to get the extra money. Just throwing money in general isn’t going to help. Money itself isn’t going to alleviate the problems with the United States educational system. This is money not well spent. Instead, money should be well spent on programs to fix the problems.