School Districts Cash Rewards High Grades Test Scores – No

The idea itself is great but i feel it would be better if the parents were to take on this responsibility. That is make your child earn his allowance every month, there is nothing wrong with being awarded for hard work. The big problem comes when you are awarded for doing nothing. This is what happens when we tell teachers that they are no longer allowed to criticize our child’s work for fear of emotionally scaring our children. This is a skill teachers are taught so why don’t we give them the chance to use it. This really the only way our children will ever learn properly. I have always felt that you can learn more from your mistakes then you can from your successes.
Another problem that can arise from giving children money for their achievements is the possibility that they will cheat. It has also been proven that not every child has the same abilities for writing tests in fact most people in general have varying test writing skills. This is a big problem as you reach the high school level as the grades become more dependent on test scores and less dependent on your ability to produce good completed assignments. The skill to write a test does not necessarily guarantee that you actually know the material it only shows that you can remember facts, and should be our goal that our children understand what they are being taught. One example of this in the no child left behind strategy, the students are now being taught how to take test instead of learning about culture and art as well as many of the other subjects. All these courses are important to develop independents thinking as well as creative problem solving skills, which are vital when our children enter the real world.
The major short comings of our society is that we spend enormous amounts of money for people to play sports, and granted is important to promote good healthy living. However there is less emphasis on education, it is very sick that a NFL star can make several million dollars a year while a grad student working on a cure for cancer makes barely enough to pay for his basic living expenses. This is obviously a problem because the student works just as hard as the football player but is not as appreciated even though his work may benefit society more in the future. Even if you look at the number of scholarships out there for sports compared to the arts and science you will notice that if you can play a sport you have much better chance of having your education paid for you. This rant does have a point and that is we need to put more emphasis on education. I recently watched a report on cnn where they were discussing the poor education standard in LA where it has almost become a state of emergency. Our future lies with our children and if we choose to not educate them then were will the world end up? The main idea is that there should be incentives for children to do well but this should be the responsibility of the parents until there children leave for college.