School Districts Cash Rewards High Grades Test Scores – Yes

School districts should definitely provide cash rewards for high grades and test scores. There has been a steady decline in overall test scores and grades in the United States for quite some time. Students do not feel motivated enough to excel in school. Providing rewards for high grades and test scores in school districts would drastically increase the amount of motivation in the student body, provide a valid reason for the students to succeed, and give the students something nice in return for their hard work and dedication.

Kids in school work day after day, and wonder why they are even bothering if the payoff is so far ahead of them (this being their career). There is simply no motivation present in the student body. If cash rewards were given for higher grades and test scores, don’t you think the kids and teenagers in school would try a lot harder? The way it works now is that you get a congratulations and maybe a paper award. Is that really worth it? Is not money one hundred percent more worth their time?

Students these days are always told that they should work hard for an education. This is teenagers and kids we are talking to. They don’t believe any of it, and only look at the short term values of school, which are slim to nothing. If cash is rewarded for good work, student’s will have a perfectly valid and short term reason so succeed in school. It will give them something tangible to believe in, rather than the promise of a brighter future.

The students that already exceed expectations have worked, and worked just to get high grades and test scores to get into college, which will be even harder and cost them money to participate in. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them something back for their hard work and perseverance, rather than just congratulating them and possibly giving them a scholarship? After all, our future depends on these teenagers and children.

Cash rewards for high grades and test scores is important for the students in school. Since there is a large deprivation of motivation, putting cash rewards into effect would be that motivation. The country would benefit from this action in the future, as an increased amount of highly educated individuals would be out in the work world. Kids need a valid reason to succeed, not just possibilities. They work hard, and they should be paid for it.