School Essays Writing Hand Writing Pros Cons

High school is a time for learning. It’s when opportunity is open to you and it is your best time to find yourself and what you want to do in life. There are many classes involved in high school credentials, one of them including English. In most high schools, four terms of English is required in order to graduate, in addition to basic math, history and science classes.

Having the responsibility of passing your English classes, you will be expected to write multiple essays, sometimes hundreds within your four terms depending on your teacher(s). Some English teachers require for essays to be typed, however, there are the few that allow essays to be hand-written.

With this opportunity, there is room for potential, but also a lot or places where error could occur. When hand-writing an essay in high school there is one question the author should ask themselves every time. This question is “Do I have satisfactory hand-writing?” This answer will vary from person to person but is a vital part of hand-writing a high school essay.

If you do not have adequate hand-writing, you should try to stay away from doing it. If you believe your hand-writing is good enough to be presented, always keep your legibility in mind. If you begin to rush, it will be very easy for your writing to get sloppy.

One of the pros of hand-writing an essay is that there is room to erase. When you make an error while typing an essay and you print it out to get it proofread, if there is an error that needs fixing you have to go back to the computer and print out an entirely new essay just to fix punctuation or improve diction. While hand-writing, you simply have to erase and re-write.

Hand-writing has a lot of potential to be beautiful but should be done carefully and precisely. While hand writing, there is a lot of opportunity to create a beautifully written essay, however, there are a lot more cons to hand-writing and a lot of potential for errors. First, hand-writing is a lot slower than typing. With typing, you have the potential to write a two paged essay in minutes.

With hand-writing, it may take an hour or longer to finish and can waste valuable time that would better be spent on other classes. The second con of hand-writing is that there is no saved draft. This means that if on your way to class your essay gets dropped into a puddle and stepped on, that is what the teacher will be reading. At least if your essay is typed, you can explain the situation to your teacher and ask for a day extension to print off a different essay and present that one to him or her.

Lastly, if hand-writing an assignment is mandatory if you choose to hand-write rather than type, there is absolutely no room for error. A rough draft should be written in pencil, and even when this is done, there is a chance of smearing or getting bumped by something and making a big mark across your page. Hand writing has a lot of potential. Great, beautiful essays can be written by hand, however if a student decides to write and essay by hand, great caution should be taken and it should be handled with care.