School Massacres and Violence in the United States

School massacres has become a trend that began ten years ago. I attended highschool during the latter 80’s & early 90’s, which was a time when a shooting at school only happened once in a blue moon. It was an issue that one during my generation & the previous ones would ever hear of happening on the news. However the school violence that was going on during the 70’s & 80’s was a lot different from what went on now. If u went to inner city schools, fights in the halls, weapons, drugs, & violence made schools an unsafe place to go. The movie, “Lean On Me,” is a true story which tells about the school Eastside High being the claudron of violence. I also watched another movie called, “The Principal,” which also describes how highschools were becoming. They would not be the place to get an education, but would more become a place for gangs, drug dealers, fiens, and criminals in bloom to congregate. The fabric of discipline that youth once had in the 50’s & 60’s was slowly deteriorating & youth were becoming disobedient to the point where it was difficult for parents & faculty to control them. This also was the time when the Baby Boomers had been in their young adult stage & were getting strung out on drugs to the point where they wouldn’t care about their kids. Kids pretty much were at a time when they had to do whatever they could to survive. I’ve heard some people blame the violence that went on in our schools on integration, but I disagree, because highschools began deteriorating either way before desegregation. I totally blame the violence in schools that was going on for the lack of discipline that youth were getting.
This is a topic that I can so much relate to, because I may have never heard of school massacres & violence in the current sense, but I’ll never forget what some city high schools were like during my time. I lived in a sub-inner city neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio during my adolescence where if u lived in the city limits, u either attended a Cincinnati Public High School or paid to attend a Parochial High School. The Public High School I would’ve had to attend was Withrow HighSchool. During Junior High, my parent’s friends & neighbors next door told them stories about the violence that went on at Withrow & we eventually would hear about it on the news. After hearing all these stories, my parents made a decision that I never thought they would make & that was to pay $200/month to put me in private school.