School or Parents – Schools

Is it truly the parent’s or the school’s fault when a child is deciding not to graduate or drop out of high school? For a hormonal, indecisive teenager, living in a bad home environment and then being shoved into a school where teachers don’t give much guidance on what to do, basically they are both at fault. Nowadays teachers don’t seem to care about their students and are just there everyday to get their checks. When they see a troubled student, do they reach out? No. They send them out of their room and to the principal’s office where the child is reprimanded for acting out what they feel on the inside.

Yes, I’m sure that there are those few teens who just act based on what their friends want and say they should do. But honestly, isn’t that just another outcry for help in most circumstances? Since they don’t have either parental guidance or the counsel of another parental type figure, they are lost in a world to large for them to comprehend. Even if living in a bad environment at home, a child still has a chance to be themselves at school, where they are SUPPOSED to feel safe and secure. But is that how it is anymore? Do the students feel safe or secure? No.

Schools nowadays seemed to have stopped making any effort to make the students comfortable mentally or physically in their environment. They put students on the spot, knowing very well that most either don’t know the answer or are uncomfortable with speaking in front of others. Having a school that treats you like a beast isn’t the most appealing, and therefore makes many students drop out of the curriculum. There also seems to be the small figure of how many teachers will act like they are simply better than many of the students they are teaching. There are also racial factors in many schools, the teacher’s and faculty might separate students based on race or ethnicity. In today’s world, we need to grow used to every sort of person, not just one kind. If we are continually taught to stay away from a certain group of people, won’t we be reverting back into the segregated times?

So, in conclusion, I base my judgement on the fact that it is indeed both the parents fault and the schools, but schools can have a huge influence on a teenager’s life, and therefore the school is more to blame. Even if the parents lead their children in the wrong direction, a teacher’s job is to correct and repair. All in all, it is the school’s fault that students drop out.