School Violence and the need for Society to Address it

When children start killing themselves over what is said and printed about them, society needs to address the problem. Bullies have been around since the caveman days. About all that has evolved with a bully, is weaponry. They still wander our schools and streets with clubs smashing down the weaker person. The Neanderthal way of life needs to be addressed. In today’s world, with Internet so handy, violence does not always consist of a physical weapon. Words and pictures may not draw visible blood but can cause deep interior wounds. These piercing wounds can haunt years of life, until it causes some kids to implode, then explode. The result is violence in our homes and in our schools.

When gunmen intentionally walk into our schools and begin shooting innocent victims, only to kill themselves in the end, society as a whole needs to address its violence level. If We The People, wait around for the government to enact laws protecting children from children, or the bullied from bullies, how many more will die? After all the government can not even govern themselves morally.

I have watched many teens play video and computer games. The popular games blow people away in order to rack up points. They are graphic and heartless. Just like some of our youth today. It seems easy for a child to hold a gun, point it at the screen and begin killing people in a video game. The object is to kill all those in their way. Again, just like some of the youth today. Are video games responsible for desensitizing today’s youth.

Many kids in America are neglected and unsupervised. Some due to the high cost of living, where both parents need to work as many hours available in order to make ends meet. Other parents fall into the Neanderthal way and do not teach their kids proper morals. Maybe they too are bullies. No matter, both types of parent use video games and computers as babysitters.

Society and Government need to step in and disallow the high degree of violence used in games. The rating system, which does NOT work, only dictates who will buy the game, not play the game. Neglectful parents, even the good intended, are easily fooled by the computer savvy children of today. Any game that makes the feel of murder easy, is wrong! How can the intentional murdering of any individual be included in a game? What entertainment comes from it? What kind of person is entertained by it? Is it because Game makers have no imagination for helpful and entertaining games? Should they be held legally and financially reponcible for what their games have caused?

It’s a fact, some games are addictive. Like drugs, these violent graphics can reprogram a troubled student into a suicidal maniac. Nothing good comes from an addiction. When you mix the cruelty of bullies, with the addictiveness of violent games, you may get a child or teen displaying an addictive, antisocial behavior. Now add the need for revenge or a bad home life and you’ll get scenes like Columbine, Virgina Tech and Northern Illinois.

The cost of a game is fifty to sixty dollars. The cost of lives ruined by the addictiveness or violence of some games unfortunately can not be tallied until society addresses school and youth violence.