School Violence Prevention how do we keep our Children Safe

How do we keep our children safe? I do have a plan but first I need to address the root causes of this recent problem. The first thing that people say is that guns are to easy to get. When my father and grandfather all the way back to the first white men in this country caried hunting weapons to school everyday and there were no mass shootings. Why? Myself I am twenty eight years old. I went to a small country school. We everyday caried pocket knives and we would set outside during recess and carve on sticks not eachother.Why? The other thing is violence on tv. My father grew up watching shoot em up westerns as did my grandfather. There favorite game to play was cowboys and indians. However no one got killed. Why? I am a fan of violent video games, really violent games. But I never had any desire to blow up my classmates.Why? Well you anti God crowd arent going to like this but this downward spiral started in the early sixties. Some idots in black robes decided to create a moral vaccum and since then our country has gone to hell in a handbasket. You tell our children that is awful to kill a spotted owl yet we murder five thousand plus babies a day. You wont tell our children that they were created in the image of a glorious God, but instead you tell them that they are nothing but a monkey. Our children are told that there are no moral absolutes. They are told that if it feels good do it. Well to them killing feels good who are we to tell them any different. You removed moral absolutes when you removed the Ten Commandments from classrooms. Now we are paying the price. The judges were fools. For those of you that want God our of public well I hope you like having blood on you hands. For a solution to the problem teach the truth that human life is very sacred and its very bad to shed innocent blood. And not because of what some clown in a black robe can do but what the eternal judge will do. Parents need to stop trying to out do the Jones and need to pay attention to what their kids are doing and who their doing it with . With a knowledge of the value of human life and with parents being involved, I believe that we can stop these murders. We as a country need to accept our responsibility in this matter. Let us all repent before God and set things right before its to late.