School Violence Prevention how do we keep our Children Safe

Is school violence going to get so bad that we have to keep our children home? Will school eventually become totally home-ruled with online classes for the older kids and home schooling for the younger children? Is that the new wave for the future of the school?

Certainly parents can’t be sending their children to dangerous places, where there is no safety for their children. So if parents are going to continue sending their children to public and private schools and colleges, something must be done for child safety at the schools.

Some schools already do have good security within the school. But for those who don’t here are some recommendations for what could be done at the schools to make them safer places.

First of all a Security Guard system must be set up at the school. Hire more staff as security guards or hire security guards from a security guard company.

A study should be done first to decide just how much internal security is necessary. Once the amount of security necessary is established, then the hiring of security guards should begin. Although they may come from a trained background, there should be extra training for the particular school they are working at.

Security guards should be on the bottom floor and every hallway and every floor. Security guards must be trained like the police force and must wear guns.

All doors to every room should locked from the outside when closing and be unlocked from the inside, so that students can easily get out of the room, but that no one can get in. All doors should be steel doors.

All children should enter the school or room by being scanned for weapons. Perhaps a device could be attached to each door that would detect weapons and sound an alarm to the head security office. Or being there would be security on each floor the security on that floor could immediately take care of that situation.

Parking lots should be monitored by security staff also. School buses also need to be check regularly every week for malfunction by competent mechanics. All windows need to be made of unbreakable glass and locking from the outside and not from the inside.

Each room should be monitored like an intercom system. Or TV cameras need to be set up in the security office monitoring all aspects of the school – windows, doors, hallways, entrances, exits, and the parking lot.

Funding would need to be made available for these projects to begin. If federal or state money is not available, the schools need to start funding campaigns to bring in the money needed for their security projects.

Parents should examine the security for their schools and if the school’s security system is inadequate, parents should find other ways to educate their children with either home schooling or tutoring; or start a charter school.

As for colleges, their security system should be examined by parents also, before enrolment. If students are adult students, they would examine the security on their own.

Students should not be attending schools that do not have an adequate security system.