Schools in Distress how Student Deaths Affect everyone

The death of a student can hit a school hard. Even those who did not know the student in question can find themselves feeling upset and distressed about the fact that one of their peers has died.

When you’re young and healthy it rarely even crosses your mind that you or one of your friends could die at an early age. However, when someone who goes to your school dies prematurely, you are suddenly forced to confront your own mortality, even though you’re still only young.

Clearly, the death of a student can have a profound impact on other students who are suddenly made to feel aware of the fragility of life. The way in which a student dies can also influence how other students react to the news that one of their peers has died. If a student has committed suicide or dies after an accident everyone is likely to be shocked by the suddenness of the death. They may consider what would happen if they died and how this would affect their friends and family, which leaves them feeling slightly depressed but also more appreciative of the life they have got.

If a student dies after a long-term illness, it may come as less of a shock to everyone, but it still affects friends, teachers, classmates and others within the school. It is because when you’re at school you’re supposed to have your whole life ahead of you and to have it cut short seems so unfair. It isn’t only students who are affected by the death of a fellow student, as teachers also have to deal with the fallout of a death, talking to other students and coming to terms with their own emotions.

There will obviously be some individuals who are more affected by the death of a student than others. Those who were close to the individual, particularly friends and classmates, but maybe also some teachers, will probably suffer more than those who never really came into contact with the person who died. However, everyone within a school is affected by the death of a student, because death is so final and at such a young can come as quite a shock.

After the death of a student, a dark cloud seems to hang over a school, affecting the way people feel and making it difficult to ignore the fact that someone who had their whole life before them has not even lived to see graduation.