Schools keep Students Safe Bullying – Yes

It is most certainly a school’s job to keep a student safe from bullying. Bullying isn’t any less of a danger to students compared to being struck by an oncoming vehicle. Would a school bus willingly run over a student? Of course not! Schools everywhere make sure, by law, that the students are safe while entering, exiting, and traveling on a school bus. School buses have portable stop signs. There are strict laws that specify that other vehicles cannot pass by a non-moving school bus with its stop sign pushed out. This bus “holding” a stop sign is no different than a crossing guard holding a stop sign. It must be obeyed, or the violators of this law will be punished. You cannot proceed until the stop sign of the bus is pulled back in and the flashing lights go off. There are plenty of safety precautions when it comes to buses and vehicles. Why don’t we have this type of safety precautions when it comes to bullying?

Bullying occurs for combinations of several reasons. It could be that the bully is stressed. This stress is exacerbated due to lack of sleep and drug ingestion. Bullies themselves may have been bullied by others! This could be other students, or it could be any amount of abuse from family members. Bullying too is a form of abuse. Bullying could occur due to jealousy, a misunderstanding, or simply because they do not approve of how another person looks. A very common reason why students bully others is because they think that this type of behavior is acceptable. Since they are aware of the possibility to harm others, the bullies will act accordingly. They would be far less likely to do so if preventative action was taken.

The effects of bullying are much more harmful than they appear to be. Bullying is a virus that continues to be spread by inflicting both physical and emotional pain onto victims, who may end up becoming bullies themselves. After a while, the violence increases to the point that it could lead them to an unfortunate early death. The death could occur in a violent conflict, or it could occur in suicide. A bullying victim is highly likely to develop trauma symptoms just like any other form of abuse. In a world filled with already existing violence, torture, and harassment, we must take every action possible and necessary to be able to stop it where it starts. We also must prevent bullying activity as much as possible.

Schools have the responsibility of watching children. They are responsible for their safety. Permitting bullying to occur is being neglectful in that responsibility. It does not matter whether it is harassment or fighting. Disciplinary action must be taken. Schools also have the responsibility to educate students. This includes how to behave towards others. Many schools are doing the opposite of this. While the parents and guardians are working and taking care of other responsibilities, the children are temporarily in the care of the school personnel. They are able to take action much quicker than the parents and guardians. The parents and guardians are usually unable to be the witnesses to incidents, unless they happen to work at the schools themselves. Often, the parents don’t even know that bullying occurs. One example (and you don’t find too many of these) in pop culture, is the song “I Heard of a Girl” by Miss Li. It tells the story, through rumor, about the tragedy of a girl whose parents were completely unaware of the bullying that occurred to their daughter.

I really should not need to explain more about how important it is for schools to use discipline on all bullying, and even better, to take every precaution to help prevent bullying from occurring. I mentioned earlier that bullying spreads like a virus. It is also difficult to control, like drugs. This does not mean that preventative measures aren’t effective. If we all believed that, the world would be in complete anarchy and chaos.