Science Fair Projects Easy High School Science Fair Board Experiment Research

Participation in science fair can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a student. Students should be encouraged to participate in the school science fair annually, from elementary school all the way through high school. By participating in the science fair annually, students become well practiced at experimentation, the scientific method and presentation skills, as they must present before the judges. For high school students, awards vary all the way up to college scholarships. Listed below are a variety of easy science fair projects for high school aged students. Remember that the older a student is, the more in depth the project must be in order for it to be competitive and to have a chance for success in the science fair.

Physics and Engineering
With the focus right now on energy conservation, what is the most productive propeller design for a windmill?
o Research is the key to this project, then basic building can be done using anything from cardboard to balsa wood.
More and more people are using fluorescent lighting instead of the old incandescent lights, what is the difference?
o Research can be done on the internet. The display for this is very simple.
What types of golf ball, tennis ball, or ping pong ball travels best?
o This will involve purchasing various balls and testing them out, multiple times.
What is the best way to design a sound barrier?
o Research and experimentation with various materials is what you will need to do.
How does stress and strain affect bridges?
o Build various bridge structures and test it out using the same weight of material.

Why do snowflakes have the shapes that they do?
o This will involve research. The display has the potential to be very interesting.
Compare the scores of various sports teams, can you predict scores and who will win based on mathematic factors?
o You do the math.

Earth Science
What is carbon dating, how is it done, and why is it done on objects that are less than 1000 years old?
o Research is the key for this project.
Why do earthquakes happen and can they be predicted?
o Research is the key for this project.
Does soil composition affect erosion?
o Test various blends of soil.
How do sunspots affect weather?
o Research is the key for this project.
What is in the rain?
o Test the rain that falls where you live, test the rain that falls in other areas within a specified radius.
Why don’t oceans freeze?
o Try it out.

Life Science and Biology
How does ultraviolet radiation affect bacteria growth?
o Build a rot terrarium and try it out.
How does pollution affect plant growth?
o This is self-explanatory.
Within the area you live, where is the most pollution?
o Collect samples from areas within a specified radius. Index cards coated with petroleum jelly are a good way to collect data.
How does oxygen and carbon dioxide affect plants?
o This is self-explanatory.
Are hand sanitizers good to use?
o This is self-explanatory.
How much bacteria growth occurs in reused water bottles?
o Try it out.
How does the lung capacity of an athlete, a band member and a person who does not do either of these things compare?
o Research and experimentation is the key for this project.
How does the lung capacity of a smoker compare to a non smoker?
o This is self-explanatory.
Do energy drinks affect a person’s pulse rate and blood pressure?
o Research and experimentation is the key for this project.
Why is sleep necessary for life?
o Research and experimentation is the key for this project.
What factors determine eye color in humans?
o Research genetics.
How do magnets affect living organisms?
o You can get brine shrimp or earth worms at the local pet store.

Physical Science and Consumer Science
What is the best temperature to store batteries to preserve maximum performance?
o Experimentation is the key for this project.
Which building materials are best for building homes?
o Research and experimentation is the key for this project.

How is caffeine removed from coffee and tea?
o Research and experimentation is the key for this project.
What is the best way to preserve fruits and vegetables?
o Experimentation is the key for this project.

Remember, when working on a science fair project to keep accurate notes. A science notebook is extremely important. In the notebook, keep sections separate. You will need to keep a record of all expenses and receipts for anything that you have spent on your project. Keep a list of all materials, any assistance that you receive, and your procedures. Keep accurate time records and, most importantly, when experimenting, make sure that you do the experiment several times to make sure that your results are not an anomaly. On the display board, you will want to have a creative title that reflects an accurate representation of your project. Display your question, hypothesis, materials, procedures, all data (including graphs, tables, and photographs), research, conclusions, and an accurate listing of all resources used for research. It seems like a lot of information, but if you keep an accurate notebook, you will have no problem at all putting your board together. Most of all, enjoy the experience and have fun.