Science Fair Tips for Success

Science Fair is an exhibition of interesting science experiments which are intended to mesmerize the judges. In some countries you are expected to show the experiment while in others like US, the main focus is on the result. Whichever category your country may belong to, here are some surefire steps to succeed in a science fair:

1)      Selecting a Project:

Science is full of fun experiments. Internet is full of projects and a whole myriad of books are written on this subject. These run of the mill ideas won’t take you anywhere. How many times have you seen a volcano in a science fair? Stay away from old, repeated ideas; also any of the ideas that are boring. I remember seeing a project in which a kid showed how one can find fingerprints by brushing a black powder.  He lost because the project was about useless in terms of “interesting”. In that same fair there was also a project in which a student created electricity by swinging a magnet inside a coil. He won the first prize.  Point is chose a unique project that is not dull.

2)      Choosing a Title

Avoid a verbose and too-much-technical title. Make sure it is simple and specific. Specify exactly what are you intending.  To make oxygen by electrolysis of water is better than just “Electrolysis”.  

3)      Making the project

No matter how you make the project, just keep two things in mind. One, the project shouldn’t breakdown in the fair. If it fails mid fair, you are not doomed. Two) Make sure you know everything about the project. This includes the science behind it, its limitations, its benefits and other uses.  It doesn’t have to be deep science, just enough to be able to answer questions about that project at your level.

4)      Presentation

Presentation is very crucial in succeeding. It should have graphs (Bar chart, pie chart etc), facts about topic itself or the topics tangent to it,  an abstract, and of course the results. It should have a conclusion that is reflected by the results. You can search online for pictures of science fair to get an idea, but don’t steal it.

5)      Rules Rules Rules

You are going to be disqualified if you don’t follow the rules and regulations. It may tell you about the format of project or the method of presentation or even about safety.

The whole point of a science fair is to get students more involved in science. If you lose, don’t beat yourself up. Some years down the road you’ll realize that the whole experience of a fair, regardless of result, brings back great memories.