Science Project

I remember in school scrambling at the last minute to make a science project. I also remember working very hard to make one, weeks of observations and watching. Of course we always want a cool one, one that wows everyone so we can win first place. Or sometimes we just want one that’s fast and easy so we can pass. Either way there are so many to choose from.

I remember my first one was a barometer. What is a barometer? A barometer is a weather instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. The lower the pressure means bad weather is like rain, storms or snow is coming. While higher pressure means dry days.

What you will need:

• a cup that can hold water

• a 12 inch balloon

• a stick 8 inches or longer like a chopstick

•piece of card board

• marker and rubber band

• water and glue

• scissors and tape

Okay now that you have all your material lets get started! Cut the balloon so that the long end you blow in is off, now you have the larger side. Put the large side around the cup and the rubber band around the balloon and cup so that the balloon doesn’t slip off. Glue the chopstick in the center of the balloon that is attached to the cup. (Putting water in it will ensure that it doesn’t tip) Now use the card board and cut out a rectangle, and create a back so it stands up. And right High, Low, and put at least five lines. Give it some time after and the needle should move, and you need to record it daily for a few days to a week and tell what kind of weather you had.

Here is a helpful site, that I used:

If you are a person who would just rather look up information there are also science projects that are informative. Like doing research on a famous scientist, or on a law of science.

Some of the ones I did were gravity, I talked about it’s formula, how the moons gravity affects our tides, and I described what it was.

I also did a project on Thomas Edison. I talked about where he was from, when he was born, when he died. His home and school life, his achievements, his findings.

But there are just so many others like finding which pop is more corrosive on your teeth, mold, there are just so many to choose from. And if any of these didn’t catch your interests there are websites that provide many, many ideas for a science project.