Sex Education in Schools

Sex Education in Schools?

I’m really not sure when exactly, they took out sexual education in schools, but I must say that I am disappointed that they did so. How come something so important in an adult’s life is now being ignored by the educational system? How is it that the continuance of a healthy human race can be so ignored and passed over?

My mother never really had The Talk with me. It probably made her feel uncomfortable, as I am sure it does many a parent. Getting intelligent, knowledgeable information from teachers was a big help to me, and many of the people that took these classes. Where I grew up, we started sex ed. In the 5th grade, where the boys learned about boy “stuff, and girls learned about girl “stuff”. Thank goodness I took that class, because, at the age of 13, when I started my period, knew what it was due to the classes, and told my mother. She just told me that I knew where the pads were. We had to get our parent’s permission to take the class; otherwise we were put in separate rooms to have a study hall. Home Economics had some short class lessons on sexual issues, as well as other household information and skills we needed to learn.

On to high school, I was able to take the class again, but at an advanced level. Learning about birth control, how the human body (both genders) works, what is a natural reaction, myths, and truths to the whole complexity of sex with another person. And, yes, they covered masturbation a bit too. It was so nice to be able to ask questions, get real answers, and not feel stupid about it, especially as a teenager. And it wasn’t about sex, and how it worked, they covered birth control methods, childbirth, abortion, relationships, and how the different sexes thought about sex.

It scares me now. Kids don’t have good guidance when it comes to sex. They start having sex younger and younger, pregnancy rates go up, and foolish myths start, such as oral sex isn’t REALLY sex.yeah, ok. This causes poor judgment, decisions, and actions. Education is the key to making our children aware of how wonderful and how dangerous sex can be. Just telling them “if you have unprotected sex you can get an STD or get pregnant” really doesn’t cover it. And I’m not talking just one class, or even one semester of it either. I’m talking about having sex education available from about 5th grade or so, up each year, mandatory if permission is given.

I think that kids need to start learning about sex, age appropriately, the responsibility it has with it, and the repercussions of having unprotected sex can bring. Now what do schools do to protect and educate kids that want to experiment sexually? Here’s a great idea! Let’s put condoms in the bathrooms. That will help. Sure, that teaches them quite a bit of responsibility.

What many adults and parents don’t realize or want to realize, is that kids are complex as well as simple. Simple in the ways of “hey, this feels good, and I’m gonna do it”. Complex because they THINK they know what they’re doing, but they really don’t.

I don’t think that “dumbing-down” our kids, when it comes to the responsibilities of sex and relationships are the best thing to do for their futures. You can’t force kids to learn, however, you can give them the tools to make good decisions.