Sex Education in Schools

Five fifth-graders arrested in classroom sex incident

After reading an article in the newspaper involving five fifth-graders arrested in a classroom sex incident there is a definite need for sex education courses in the schools. This incident occurred in the Louisiana School District is appalling, which leaves me flabbergasted so please excuse any erratum’s. I will try my best not to directly point my finger at the public schools system and parents because two wrongs do not make a right. Under no circumstances would I condone the public schools system, students and parents because individually all parties involved must take full responsibility for the actions they made. The schools responsibilities are to teach and educate our child in a safe and conducive learning environment. However, parents our responsibilities are disciplining our child and taking an interest in your own child’s education, so an incident like this does not first happens in the home and second in the schools. When a student commits a crime at school, it is the responsibility of the school officials to report the crime to Law Enforcement. In addition, the schools officials have the right to discipline students with ISSP, Referrals, and Suspension because students must abide by rules and regulations. Once parents set forth rules and regulations in their homes discipline will develop first in the home where it should begin. If children do not learn this first in the home they will begin a life of crime as a youngster, which will follow them as an adult in life.

Accountability only falls on the public schools system behalf in this incident because it happened at school and the teacher left under age, students unattended in a classroom. A high school teacher who normally watches the fifth-grade class went to an assembly for the older students. However, the accountability falls more on the parents than the public schools system because a child will only intimate and do what they see, so parents you are more responsible than the schools system. I have witnessed while working in court administration the Department of Children and Families have charged parents with neglect and removed children from homes because they were under age and left unattended. It is against the law for parents to leave under age, children unattended in their homes. The teacher left under age students unattended in a classrooms violates the schools policies and procedures.

I have my qualms with the schools systems; one is sixth graders attending school with junior high school students, and ninth graders attending school with high school students. It is bad enough some students are under peer pressure, however, to place them with older students can cause more pressure. I have never accepted the public schools systems decision in the district I live when they combined sixth grade with junior high school and combined ninth grade with high school. Some older students are bad examples for sixth and ninth graders because they can corrupt our younger children with bad habits. I have witnessed while working in court administration a substantial increase of arrests for sixth and ninth graders charged with sex crimes not in the schools, but in their homes.

Teenage pregnancy happens because no one wants to talk about sex education. This is another one of my qualms with some school officials who are prejudiced towards pregnant teens attending school. I have written an article about prejudiced towards pregnant teens attending school, which tie in with my article on sex education. These are all our children and it does take a village to raise them. Non- educators to educators have a chance to become a philanthropists in our communities and help strengthen families because social workers cannot do it alone. Positions, titles, money and clouts in the community do not promise anyone a place in HEAVEN because only what you do for Christ will last. Our jobs do not stop when we leave work at the end of the day because there are villages of children who we need to help raise. It costs no one to LOVE because if CHRIST is within us we should have UNCONDITIONAL AND AGAPE LOVE.

Yes, some parents are discussing sex education first with their child in theor home. However, not all parents are discussing sex education first with their child which leaves the schools with no other choices, but to teach sex education. The schools systems are doing their part in the school. Are parents doing their part in the homes? Many parents are choosing to Home School their child, enroll their child in Florida Virtual School and enroll their child in Private Schools for the fear of their child whom they have raised right being corrupt by some public school students who have not been not raised properly. Not all parents are raising their child right, so it is the public schools systems responsibility to make sure students are in safe and conducive learning environments while under their supervision.

For the past couple of months, I have adamantly conveyed other oppositions about the public schools system in the district I live in. However, I will give credit where it is due because the school district in my area would never have let this happen in our public schools. The school system in my area allows parents and volunteers from the community to help teachers, and hires teachers’ aides to work in the classroom so students are not left unsupervised. All volunteers and teachers aides must undergo a thorough background screening which educators undergo to work in schools. The school district in Louisiana perhaps need to request for parents and people from their community to volunteer in their child classrooms. It is apparent that this school did not have enough teachers to fill classrooms to prevent students being left unattended. In addition, this school district needs teacher aides in the classrooms. If students are not safe in the public schools their parents will continue to remove their child out of the public schools systems, which will cause a substantial decline in public schools fundings from the Federal, Local and State Government.

Too many under age, children are unsupervised in their homes after school while parent’s are working outside of the home because sometimes there is only one parent in most households, which means more after school programs are needed. Upon talking with parents, the majority have conveyed to me, they do not have time to visit their child school because they are, too busy working. My questions to parents are if you are, too busy working when do you ever have time to talk with your child, who is in the home with your child after school and do you know what your child is doing while you are at work? Parents if you cannot answer these questions you need to enroll your child in an after school program, which is free in local community centers. In addition, check with your child’s school and the Police Athletic League about after school programs they offer. All parents needs to know their child is supervised after school, and know who is supervising your child and what their child is involved in after school while they are at work. Least, but not last talk to your children, I have found the best time is around the dinner table when you have everyone sitting together. Parents if your family is not sitting around the dinner table together you need to start because charity begins at home where you are suppose to first share LOVE abroad and about in the home.

Personally, I would make time to visit my child’s school because it is your child’s education. In addition, randomly make surprise visits at my home when your child thinks you are at work. Under age children, left at home unattended is against the law. Parents are giving children, too much rope to hang themselves when they are unsupervised. The television, radio, video games and computer are not baby sitters. However, they are entertainments for adults and children, but some contents your child view may require adult supervision. Parents your child is learning about sex education the wrong way when you allow them to watch anything via television, listen to anything via radio, play any type of video games and log on their computer to any website. Society seems to have lost its morals, values and standards because, too much is shown via televisions and computers. In addition, too much is an allowed via radio. Parents most televisions and computers are advanced with the most state of the art equipment, so you can control what your child watch by simply enabling parental control. Yes, parents the ability to control your child and what your child watch via televisions and computers are every parents civic duty. If you do not know how to operate parental control, please take the time out to learn and read the instructions which came with the product. Most retailers who sell products will go over the instructions with consumers and show them how to use parental control devices.

The schools systems are definitively not teaching students obscenity so they are learning this from other sources. Sex Education was taught when I attended elementary school, as far as I can remember. When I entered junior high school, Sex education was taught which required parental consent. The school district in the area I live has implemented Sex Education as a course requirement, which does not require parental consent. All students must attain a passing grade and credit for Sex Education to graduate from high school. This is my introspection that while a child is a toddler; parents should start teaching basic sex education when you start potty training and teaching them all their body parts. Public libraries are great resources parents can use to check out books and videos as reference guides and teaching materials for every age group. It takes discipline, control and teaching a child from an infant to help them learn to abide by rules and regulations governed first in the home, so they do not break school rules and regulations governed in schools and laws that are governed in society.

I pray this is an isolated incident because I do not want to ever hear about another incident like this happening in a school. Race, economics, and gender play no role in this incident only accountability, which requires all parties involved to take full responsibility for the action they made. Accountability reflects on each parent because you are raising your child in the home. As infants develop, they are in developmental and beginning stages of their lives and learn the most so what a parent instills in a child at a young age it will follow throughout them in life. Warning comes before destruction, so if you see a problem it is best to address it in the beginning stages, instead of ignoring it because your child could become a sexual predator, child molester, and rapist. Parents, you know what your child will or will not do because you only you raised your child.

These are all of our children and it does take a village to raise them. A child does not ask to come into the world. However, every child is a gift and blessing from GOD. They are our next generation, which we are relying on to replenish our society and social security system. This generation will never attain the good jobs with felonies if they are all behind bars in jails and prisons. Parents sit down and talk with your children and stay abreast with what is going on in their lives. Do not forget to listen to your child. Parents sometimes think they know everything because we have all once been children. However, things have changed since you were a child. Nether less to say if your parents raised you right the same things they instilled in you morals, values and standards your child will inherit. Rearing a child is only hard if you do not start disciplining at a young age. Many Churches, Jewish Families and Services, Children Home Society, Department of Children and Families, Federal, State and City Entities, 501 Non-Profit Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations offer and refer parenting skills for parents, who needs help in this area. These programs are offered and referred to help strengthen families and not to punish parents because the goals are to reunite and unite families to help parents.

In closing this article, I would like to say I am a parent, and have raised two children, and have a high school diploma, and have some college courses and have work experience over seeing adults and children. It is true that I am not an educator, I am not an adult or child psychologist, I am not a social worker and I have no degree, which does make me ineptitude without these credentials and formal training. However, I am a philanthropist concerned about our next generation because of my aspirations one day to become an advocate for all children, which does take a village to raise them. The Lord blesses us all with common sense and the ability to know what is wrong and right so learn to use sagacity. Remember for my people perish for the lack of knowledge because people in society will not read. I am challenging everyone who is reading this article to pass it on to your child, schools officials, students and parents because if society can allow anything to come via the televisions, radios and computers then why cannot you share this article. There is a great need to educate children about sex education better than what we are doing in the homes, schools, and societies. On the United States Currency, our deity is “IN GOD WE TRUST”, so the public schools systems needs to learn to put all their trust in GOD, if they want to recompense the public schools, so doors remains open. Prayer was removed out of the public schools; however, it was not remove out our homes. Strengthening families should concern everyone, so learn to reach out to families and teach them a family who prays together stays together because for where there is unity, there is strength.