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First of all there will always be teenagers who sleep around, do drugs, don’t go to school and are a general nuisance that won’t get very far in terms of grades, however just because a teenager is sexually active does not mean that he or she will stop going to school or doing school work.

My year at school finished with the highest amount of grade A-C GCSE’s that the school had seen – yet nowadays more teenagers are sexually active, so surely this didn’t hinder their success if we had the best results?

When I was at school in 2008, sex was totally set aside from school – and for me school came first. Sex is interesting to teenagers because it is new and is especially desired when with a loving partner. Fact remains that there will always be peer pressure upon teenagers to lose their virginity, but for the majority of teenagers, school is far more important – and sex is just an extra thrill or a way to take their mind off things. Sure there are teens who don’t want to go to school and enjoy doing other things, but sex is not related to them doing poorly academically.

The only real things that can affect a teenagers academic progress is if something unexpected occurs – such as getting an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), becoming pregnant or being sexually assaulted. These are the only real dangers of having sex at an early age, however most teenagers understand these risks and take measures to prevent them, such as using contraceptive.

Teenagers do a lot of other things outside school that could hinder their academic progress a lot more than having sex; they could do drugs or get arrested for example. Sex is just a way to let off steam and for the majority of teens, spend time with their partners. They could be doing much worse which really would ruin their education. People seem to assume that all teenagers who have sex don’t focus on school, or don’t use protection, however most teens are responsible enough to make their own decisions.

Overall a teenager could do much worse than have sex, and even though parents really don’t like the idea of their child having sex at an early age, it will happen, because hormones take over and teenagers just want to experiment. With all the pressure teenagers are under then it’s no surprise that they might not do so well academically, because no one really expects them to achieve anything. Stop looking for excuses for teenagers who mess up school, and stop ruining the fun for responsible teens!