Should a Star High School Athlete Turn Pro or go to College – College

College experience for a star athlete can be one of the best chapters in his life. Having a college education, and thereafter, possessing a degree is a great personal achievement that is worth more than any material wealth. The feeling during graduation time is a cloud nine emotion any sportsman can savor. The experience of academic victory is absolute and epic in nature, since there is emphasis on the recognition of past struggles which were energized by the spirit of dedication and fun. It gives the realization that nobody can take the coveted educational victory away from anybody. It drives the athlete to think of learning as a permanent ownership. It gives them an opportunity to think that the earned distinction after college, can be the best legacy for the family. It is also a springboard and an assurance to secure anything like money, more knowledge, dignity, respect, jobs, etc. Thus, the college memories and benefits can last for many years. 

On one hand, a star athlete cannot be a star for eternity. He might have forgettable money, fame, honors and athletic records. However, his statistics, heroism and athleticism have limits including wealth and achievements. In the later years, he goes with them to be shattered, broken and forgotten. As time goes by, he is deleted by the next generations who would focus on their own outstanding performances. The athlete can have fame that ceases. His experience is just like any sports encounter, hostilities, athletic extravaganzas that end in the finals. He is like a foregone topic being talked about in sports analyses, editions and seasons. And he is not to be mentioned forever.

As a star high school athlete, enjoying life to the fullest is recommended. The following factors should be thought of, before prematurely turning pro:

1. A star high school athlete cannot be a star all throughout the nation in a given time. There are also other stars from other places. The competition nowadays is very, very stiff.

2. Physically and emotionally, a high school star has to grow and mature. There are a lot of challenges banging bodies with older counterparts.

3. Mentally and intellectually, the knowledge and understanding of the game is insufficient. Experience and natural talents are not enough. There are many things to consider in interpreting a new program and system which calls for immediate absorption of rudiments, practices, patterns and the actual games in the professional leagues.

4. There is a greater risk for injuries for young bloods. The upcoming high school star can be the subject for bullying, and defense or offense from opponents and teammates can be flagrant.

5. Every action of the star is forced and upbeat. There is something to prove all the time. To meet every body’s expectations, double time in efforts is necessary and not on a regular basis of taking one game at a time, by the others who were ahead in the system.

6. There is sanity in honing the amateur skills first. Young players have still tantrums, hardheadedness and naivety that can cause troubles and misunderstanding with other players.

7. Money can still be sufficient for survival in college. There are available sponsors, promotions, parental support and scholarships. Future bigger purse can still wait in the professional world. 

8. There is an element of loyalty for the Alma mater, coaches and friends if college years are completed. Team and personal building of confidence and camaraderie are further stengthened, unlike in the pro games in which there are adjustments made to cater to mixed personalities in a new venue.

9. Parents and teachers like their kids to undergo a normal life. They cherish familial and institutional honors and pride to be shared in a longer duration but in an ordinary pace.

10. The immediate community or society takes pride in sharing the honor. The abrupt disappearance of an idolized citizen can always draw mixed reactions and effects which are always negative and discouraging. 

Achieving a college education is an assured preparation for the future. It is one of the best legacies, a sportsman can leave behind until the end of time. It has no regulation period as experienced during games. It can only offer meaningful victories in life.