Should a Star High School Athlete Turn Pro or go to College – Turn Pro

Should a star high school athlete turn pro or go to college?

Let us assume that the person in question is an adult, that is, at least 18 years of age. What has become of this country when we consider dictating that an adult either go to college or turn pro? It is none of our business! If a person decides to pursue professional sports then it is his choice to do so. We are free in this country to decide what to with our bodies, right? And sports certainly provide plenty of wear and tear to our bodies.

This article will use “he” and “him” for simplicity.

There should be one and only one determent to someone turning pro and that is the organization that he would be joining. According to different sources, he has to be 18 to join the NBA or the NFL. However, he only has to be 16 to join a MLB team. These organizations are free to set their own rules and that is the way it should be in our country.

What are the advantages of going to college instead of turning pro? One is that he becomes educated. Whether he pursues engineering or underwater basket weaving is his choice. He should become smarter than if he had not gone to college. What else, Smith? He should become better at his sport. After all, he is receiving a scholarship to play that sport. In addition, he will build relationships that will last through his life and he gets to experience all that the college scene has to offer. These are all important factors to consider when one is deciding on college or to turn pro.

What happens if he goes pro instead? He starts getting paid NOW! He eliminates wear and tear on his body that seemingly would allow for a longer career. He usually receives a signing bonus that he can spend any way he wants. Many young pros announce that they will help their family members, usually Mom, first. Then he usually buys a car and jewelry. Again, his choices and rightly so.

Both options have risks. He could incur a career ending injury in college. He may wash out his rookie year as a pro and then not have the eligibility to play in college and he may not have the funds to go to college. The question still persists though – does he turn pro or go to college. The final answer is that if he is good enough to turn pro then turn pro. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this author’s mind.