Should Networking Skills be Taught in High School – No

Networking skills are crucial to success in the corporate world. Many high schools these days have a broad range of subjects and sometimes find it difficult on what they need to focus on. There are many valid subjects taught in high schools and many more that need to be added still.

-High School Networking-

Oh sure networking is a very valid skill to have but how many motivated high school students would actually put forth an effort to succeed in this subject? I would say not many, and how many of those motivated individuals would actually understand what is being taught them? The answer is, still less, however, if the students were rewarded from networking, then they would try harder which would be more effective.

Networking is something that students who are really focused on that type of degree go to college for. It’s not something an individual just learns on one’s own or can simply read about in an internet article and figure it out.

-Networking skills-

Many college students and post graduates complain they never learned how to network effectively. Networking allows those who don’t normally connect with one another to connect. These people can then share ideas and knowledge that they’ve gained to help contribute in a more meaningful way. Networking should be taught in all high schools to all students whether or not the desire it. Not just any teacher can teach it though, it needs to be taught by someone who has succeeded through networking techniques.

I think networking should be focused on more to those of the high school status, maybe even lower. Networking is great if you can really get a handle on it. There is all sorts of different types of networking. There are those giant networks that run the internet. There is a network of individuals and groups made from these different groupings of things such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. There is the network that my step-dad works on which is an affiliate of Microsoft. This type of networking involves network solutions such as fixing computers, the network itself, etc.

In short, networking is something that is inconclusive for your average high school student. Now if you wanted to debate whether or not it would be good to have a select group of individuals in a high school course that would be given online information on networking and a set amount of time to be able to accomplish all this, now that would be one thing.