Should Skipping School be Treated as a serious Offense

Social engineering and permissive agendas advanced from the 1950’s and 1960’s engendered several generations of children that have little concept or understanding of consequences. Excuses abound for each and every act of antisocial crime because the pendulum of human rights is way out of balance. Skipping school is possibly something every child may do however consequences in the 21st century are negligible at best, and have no real deterrent effect because of this propensity to seek out the root’ cause of such behaviour. By allowing children to escape the consequences of bad behaviour in such a manner, there is no deterrence for any future act of rebellion or disobedience.

Apologists and do-gooders are forever advancing their liberal agendas at the cost of cohesion in society. Children in schools today have little to fear by way of discipline and a threat of exclusion or expulsion cannot possibly deter a child that does not want to be at school. The irony is that such a consequence of bad behaviour is far more rewarding because the child has now achieved exactly what he or she set out to do, and that is: “to do exactly what they choose”.

Education of today’s children is a failure because discipline is not enforced with any deterrent effect. Skipping school indicates an unwillingness to want an education. The days of fearing reprisals are long gone and children are suffering because of it. Schools are not preparing children for the real world where failure has consequences, and where winners succeed, losers do not. Self-esteem is not complimented with learning self-respect, and explaining away poor behaviour does nothing to address the problem. It is quite meaningless to expend all resources into determining the root cause of a disease and do nothing to cure the infection. Likewise, it is totally meaningless wasting resources on seeking out the root causes’ of undisciplined behaviour without actually doing something to correct the problem at the same time.

Skipping school is a clear indication of such a lack in self-control and self-discipline, and far from being treated as something serious, it is left unchecked. Reintroducing meaningful punishments that leave a lasting impression will go a long way towards turning out well-balanced and educated adults of the future. Skipping school should be considered a very serious matter and children that choose such a course of action require commensurate consequences in order to be deterred from repeating this behaviour.