Should Students Work Part Time during the School Year

One dream that all parents have for their children is for their children to finish school with flying colors. To achieve this, students must concentrate and focus all their attention to their studies. Students who are allowed to work part-time during the school year have a greater risk of struggling with their schoolwork. So, students should not work during the school year, but instead spend their extra time on extracurricular activities or on volunteering.

Most teenagers will want extra money (apart from their allowance, if they have one). The extra money becomes a symbol of freedom to them, so that when they want to go somewhere, such as the mall, they can buy what they want. However, what does this financial freedom cost? To many students, it can mean the gradual degradation of the quality of their grades.

Working requires almost the same responsibilities as schooling, but in a different way. Work requires that people have a lot of time on their hands, and that their minds can handle the extra amount of work in their lives. Schooling requires that students be timely, attentive, and focused on their schoolwork. So, a person who has to do both school and work at the same time has a huge burden on his or her shoulders. This is why even adult students have a difficult time in school, especially if they are working too.

Does this mean that no student can do both successfully at the same time? No, but the student can make his life easier by focusing on finishing school and then working later on. In fact, there are years of work available for the student after graduation. A better way to spend one’s time is to volunteer or to do summer jobs. This way, no other “responsibility” gets in the way of one’s schoolwork. Many young students have the advantage of only having to go to school and not having to work. They should enjoy this advantage as much as possible.

Although work can be a great addition to a student’s repertoire of skills and experience, it can lead to lowered grades, stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression. So, instead of putting yourself at risk to this long list of side effects as a result of added responsibility (that may or may not be need), you should focus as much as possible on your schoolwork, getting high-quality grades, and finishing school. Then, you can work on attaining a high-paying job.