Should Students Work Part Time during the School Year

Choosing whether or not to work part-time time during the school year is a tough decision that all students will inevitable have to make. In order to make the right choice, the student’s situation must be taken into account. This entails looking at the student’s academic level, his financial situation, as well as his schedule. Also, the type of work involved must also be considered.

Working part time during the school year may be beneficial to some students, but disadvantageous to others. It all depends on the situation of the student. For those students with a lot of free time and not a lot of extracurricular activities, a part-time job is indeed valuable on multiple fronts. On the other hand, for a student already juggling multiple after school activities, a part-time job may cause more harm than good.

A part-time job not only adds another plus to one’s resume, it also gives students a head start into the working world. While working, they could pick up a variety of useful skills that they would otherwise not have learned in school. Students can learn to manage their time spent working, studying, and free time more wisely, as well as develop responsibility. They will learn how to balance their day and to not waste as much time spent on the couch in front of a television set or partying.

Working a part-time job allows students to start learning about the working world; they can learn about what employers look for in employees. They can learn how to write resumes and how job interviews work. What is needed on a resume? What helps and what doesn’t? What do employers look for during a job interview? What questions are expected? They will get a first hand experience on the intricate world of employment so they will not be caught off guard when getting a job becomes a priority.

Working a part-time job early in life will also help students discover their areas of strength as well as areas of weakness. This gives them time to develop their weak areas and capitalize on their strengths. This not only helps with developing the students skills, know one’s strengths and weaknesses also aides a great deal in the all important task of choosing a future career.

And that is not all, interacting with fellow employees will teach how students should deal with people they will inevitably meat later in life. As well, they can start building up a network contacts. Whether for advise, or referrals, having people you can contact to help is always a plus.

Finally, last, but not least, finance skills. With a steady income, parents can stop giving allowance and let their kids earn their own money. With a steady income, students can learn how to manage their money responsibly, learn to balance between spending and saving, and even dabble in the art of stock marketing. A steady income will also help a lot in paying for university. Students can rely less their parents and on loans.

A part-time job is a great way for students to start taking their first steps into the working world. While not advisable for those already tied up, those who can afford the time will be able to carry away valuable tools as they begin their journey to adulthood.