Should Teachers be Judged by Exams – No

No, teachers should not be judged by students’ exams, because some students just don’t test well.  There will always be kids who perform poorly on tests due to a number of reasons such as test anxiety, sleepiness and laziness, among other things.  Teachers should be judged by parents and students. 

Parents and students know the teachers who are doing the job well, and the parents should be able to express their opinions through yearly surveys.  Parents often rally during numerous kids birthday parties, and the topic normally turns to the teacher—especially in elementary school because the whole class is often invited. 

The parents who actually care about their kids’ education will fill out a simple survey rating their child’s teacher.  The parents who are not really involved in their kids’ education most likely won’t fill out the survey and return it anyway.  Those are most likely the kids who are having trouble in school.

A child’s education should be a community effort.  Parents, teachers, friends and family all should take an interest in developing kids and ensuring they receive a quality education.  A teacher can be a great teacher, but many kids need extra help and that should come from the home.  There are many resources available to parents as well as teachers, and parents need to take responsibility to ensure their children are getting an education. 

Teachers cannot be expected to shoulder the blame for a child that does not perform well in school.  The responsibility should be on multiple shoulders. Exam results are only one of a number of ways to measure what a child has learned.  Parents and students know if a child has come a long way from the beginning of the school year to the end.

Humans learn through reading, writing, listening and seeing.  Sometimes a written exam cannot capture all that a person has learned.  Let the community of fellow teachers, parents and kids be the judge of who they would like to continue to teach them.  Sure there will be strict teachers that kids may not like and may not judge accordingly, but that is why you have their adult parents judging, too.  Many parents welcome a strict teacher that is actually doing the job and educating their child.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to educate a child.