Should Teachers be Judged by their Students Exam Results – Yes

Of course teachers should be held accountable for their students’ poor test scores! We send our children to school to learn to be educated-not given a packet, told to read it at home and then come back to class and see if they have the answers. There are many respectable teachers in the world nowadays. But let’s face it: There are even more who do not care about the well-being of our children. Instead, they worry more about a paycheck.

Each child has a different way of learning, and teachers know this. Nowadays, they rely on the Internet and reading packages. There is no verbal communication and usually not much care put into our future generation’s actions. I think nowadays and even in the past teachers have a tendency to talk at students, not listen or make them feel comfortable. If a child feels uncomfortable or embarrassed about how they learn and you do not show them how to use their unique way of learning, they will probably fail. Make a child feel comfortable and they will give you all they can.

I think teachers should be held accountable. Their job is to teach children different methods of learning and test-taking so it can benefit them in the long run. When a kid is given a paper and told, “This will be on your test,” it does not help them. Students hear what the teacher is saying and they know to just memorize the answer and not learn it. These teachers have to remember they have the world’s future in their hands.

I think it’s time students and parents come together and demand more from their schooling system. It is not fair to let a child’s mind go to waste because the teacher does not want to communicate or teach. To have something as valuable as a growing child and not help them expand their mind is ridiculous and sad. The things we do not help children with now are the things they will hold against us for the rest of their lives.

I say that if the teachers are held accountable, maybe there will be drastic change in our education system. Until then, parents will have to speak up, and hopefully all this will change one day. A child’s mind is a terrible thing to waste, and teachers and principals should be reminded of this every day.