Should Teachers be Required to take Mental Stability Tests – Yes

I believe teachers should be required to be assessed for verification that they are mentally stable. Newspapers and magazines in the past have been fraught with teachers who have exhibited neglect toward their students’ needs, made poor decisions in the interest of children, and have even slept with their underage students. This is outrageous.

Nothing would be lost, but only gained, should parents and communities know that their children are being taught and cared for by teachers who can at least prove they exhibit mental stability. Of course there will be some exceptions, including those who know exactly “which answer to choose” in order to “pass” a test that would indicate stability versus instability. However, all tests have their limitations, much like the people who are taking them. Thus, it would be prudent to discern those of whom parents would want educating their children from educators who pose a potential risk for danger.

It does seem odd that this is not already a requirement, along with random screens for illegal substances. After all, one cannot even attain a job in various companies working with computers without passing random drug screens. Why should we allow educators in public schools, for which we pay through our taxes, escape these requirements?

True, some would argue where to draw the line and how think the line should be. It is not against the law to suffer from depression or anxiety. These diagnoses comprise a large percentage of the population. However, it would be crucial to focus on testing for mental health issues and diagnoses which pose an emotional or physical threat to students. Evidence of a mental health problem which would cause educators to be a harm to themselves or others, or an issue which would consequently make students feel emotionally uncomfortable or threatened would be perfect examples of instability, among many others.

Teachers, who are also role models, have an obligation to empower students and to help them succeed academically. Although, teachers are human beings and are going to have many problems, as is everyone. However, it is the duty of cities and towns to make sure that the educators who are working with our children have the mental stability and the best of intentions to motivate students in obtaining every possible avenue of success.