Should Teachers have the right to Deny a Students need to use the Bathroom – No

Teachers have the right to deny children the use of cell phones in class. They have the right to deny talking in class. Teachers do not have the right to deny kids use of the restroom. The restroom is a bodily function, not a privileged. It is true that there are children who abuse the privilege but the other students should not suffer for it. The child who abuses the privilege will probably not pay attention in class anyhow. The child who is forced to remain in class while he or she needs to use the restroom can’t pay attention until he or she has been allowed to relieve himself. This student may listen in class once he is able to use the restroom.

My son’s middle school has a policy that the kids have three restroom visits per quarter for all classes. They have a place in there planner that gets marked each time the restroom is used. They are expected to go between classes. Many times they do not have to go between classes or the lines are so long they do not have time. There were many times that my oldest son got in trouble for being late to class because he went to the restroom between classes but he’d had to wait in line.  If a child uses the restroom beyond the three times he gets detention.

My oldest son has a very large bladder. He can go for hours before he needs to use the restroom. Once he has to go however, he really has to go. He got severely constipated one time because he was denied use of the restroom. I told him next time he had to go just let the teacher know and then go. I would stand behind him. He did get in trouble for going to the restroom one time after his three times. I talked to the school about it and told them that they had no right denying him use of the restroom. It was never an issue for him again at that school/

My youngest son on the other hand has a very small bladder and uses the restroom a lot. He pays attention in class and does not like to leave so when he says he has to use the restroom he is not just saying it to get out of class. He attended the same middle school as my oldest son and the 3 times a quarter rule still applies. Thankfully he had a few teachers who did not go by the rule. There were some who did though and he ended up with a bladder infection. I’d told him to use the restroom anyhow but he did not want to disobey. So I had to call the doctor to get a prescription for my child to use the restroom when he needs to. The doctor’s office was shocked that the school has put restrictions on restroom use.

It is true that a lot of kids abuse restroom use. Some kids cause trouble when allowed to use the restroom. Schools should have hall monitors however instead of denying children the right to normal bodily functions. More kids really have to go to the restroom than want to just leave class. Teachers have no right to take away kids human rights to use the restroom.  The schools also have many bigger things to focus on and restroom use really should not be the huge issue that many schools have made it.