Should the name Jesus Christ be Considered Profanity in Public Schools – Yes

The public school system does have rules and regulations concerning profanity. In the class room there are certain words which are considered profane. Using these words in class is taboo and is not tolerated. For instance, a racial epithet is unacceptable, as it should be. Students and teachers alike, are not to degrade anyone living an alternate lifestyle. Curse words, some more than others, are also deemed inappropriate and will land a student quickly in a Dean’s office. For the purposes of this article we will not go into detail as to what those words may be. Suffice it to say the name Jesus Christ is not one of them. Certainly there are teachers who do not stand for the misuse of Christ’s name, but there is no school policy preventing its irreverent use.

To say the very least, this is immensely offensive. And why shouldn’t it be?

Christians believe Jesus is God because He claimed to be God. The English dictionary defines profane language as: irreverent, showing disrespect for God, any deity or religion. Using Christ’s name other than in a sacred manner is profane by the very definition of the word. Why is it acceptable by the public school system to defame the name of Christ? This shouldn’t be.

An argument can possibly be made that potty mouths abuse the name of Christ, because said individuals do not accept Him as God. Of course this would necessitate discarding the definition of profanity. The definition does not specify to the truth or fallacy of the religions belief concerning deity. The definition describes profanity as irreverence for the deity in whom the religion believes. Jesus Christ’s name is denigrated when not used in prayer or in reference to His biblical function.

Though apparently acceptable in the public school classroom, it is inequitable.

The names Buddha, Allah, or Krishna are not deprecated in the halls of secondary learning. These names are not referenced when angry, when astonished, or for any other trivial reason. It is politically and socially incorrect. There are repercussions. This is for good reason. Followers of Buddha, Allah, and Krishna would be highly offended. What are Christians, proverbial chopped liver? Christians take offense to the casualness with which their Lord is referenced. But who cares? Those using the name Jesus Christ as an expletive, should be held accountable as defined be profanity. They are not. This is discrimination.

Christians are not the only classification of people discriminated against. They are however, the group most likely for whom discrimination is vastly accepted. Public schools tout respect, tolerance, and acceptance. Evidently with one exception. The misuse of Christ’s name should be counted as profane.