Should the use of the Words Jesus Christ be Considered Profanity in Public Schools – No

No, using the words “Jesus Christ” in public schools should not be considered profanity, simply for the fact that it is simply the name of someone. Saying “Lucifer” or “Satan” in public schools should not be considered profanity, neither should saying “God” or “St. Peter.” They are just names. “Hell” should not be considered profanity either, but because of many Christian religious zealots, it is. Hell is just a place. Using nouns is not against the law.

Also, not everyone is a Christian. Everyone, please remember this. Not everyone abides by the rules set by another religion. The use of the words “Jesus Christ” should be considered profanity in churches, NOT in schools. If you have ever heard of the separation of church and state, it basically means that church should not interfere with the government, and government should not interfere with church. That’s why there’s no public school prayer. We don’t need a school prayer. you can pray on your way to the bus-stop, on the bus, in the bathroom, walking through the hallways, during your test, and on your way home. You simply don’t need a public school prayer to pray.

Sadly, the policy of separation of church and state fails sometimes. You can not establish a liquor store within 500 feet of a church. Because of the fact that people seem to still want to involve church with the government, and push their religion into everyone’s face, the chance of “Jesus Christ” becoming profanity is about 90%.

Profanity is defined as “insulting, rude and vulgar or desecrating or showing disrespect.” Using the words “Jesus Christ” is not insulting, rude, or disrespectful, unless you interpret it as such. Words are not insulting. Words are just words. People relate certain words as being insulting. “Bitch” is a name used to describe a female canine. “You’re a Bitch,” literally means “You’re a female dog.” But people associate the word with being disrespectful. In order for a person to be offended by a single word, they have to have heard it and know what it means.

“Jesus Christ” is simply a Christian word. Which means that using “Jesus Christ” in a profane way should only be considered offending to Christians. That doesn’t mean that Atheists, Buddhists, or Muslims would be offended by it. And since public schools contain people of all religions, then a curse word in one religion shouldn’t be considered profanity by everyone.