Should World Issues be a mandatory high school class?

The world is rapidly changing. We have no control over it. The only thing we can do is to go with the flow. We have to be up to speed about everything. Therefore, world events classes should be mandatory in schools.

The students may not think about it, but world events do affect them in one way or another. They affect whether they can afford to go to college or not. They affect whether they can find employment or not in the future. It also affects the politics of the country. Ultimately, it will have an effect on the students in general. Students need to be prepared for the constant and rapid changes in the world today. High school juniors and seniors are almost of legal voting age. If they plan to vote, they need to be educated on the candidates and where they stand on various issues. If they are not educated enough on the respective subjects, they may end up voting for the “wrong” candidate.

If they do not plan to vote, a class on world issues will show them the importance of it. Overall, it is important that high school students learn about world issues, and there should be mandatory classes. In a sense, it is something that should be taught in all subjects. The books, however, constantly need to be updated. Learning never stops. If we stop learning, we stop evolving. World issues would be something that enables us all — not just students — to continue learning. 

World issues affect many academic subjects in school. One example would be the issue of same-sex marriage. It is a world issue, something that should be taught in history classes, psychology classes, sociology classes, English classes, art classes and drama classes. There are aspects and factors of this hotly debated issue that can be tied into those different subjects.

Issues like the Iraq War, energy, obesity, abortion, politics, and creationism and evolution could be taught in any number of classes, like economics, government, history, sociology, biology, government, psychology or health.

There is much more to education than simply getting good grades in school. You can get straight A’s and not know much about the world. A person could get B’s and C’s and know more about the world. The more people learn about the world, the more people are able to be creative and create new ideas. New concepts and ideas are essential for progression of the world.

One simply needs to take a look at the 2008 U.S. presidential election. It was Democratic nominee Barack Obama who won the election. Obama won over Republican rival Senator John McCain in a landslide victory. The Obama campaign tried out many different new concepts. As a result, it gained the upper hand against the McCain campaign. 

Being educated in world issues leads to clearer thinking and understanding. Also, it gives students a sense of empathy, which is important in assessing the problems of the world. Empathy is important for finding the right solutions to today’s problems.