Signs that your Child is being Bullied at School

Your kid may withdraw into deep depression, so solemnized by isolating themselves from you and your other kids.  Additionally, when they do communicate with you, they may also indicate suicidal thoughts and tendencies.  After all, suicide is anger focused inwards.  Through bullying, your kids feel far less empowered and may show deep signs of depression.  Parents are no doubt deeply overwhelmed by work, financial, family and at times spousal and relationship pressures.  Therefore, they may not always be there for their kids, at times leaving them in the lurch, especially with bullying and harassment at schools.  A parent may also be a single parent.  Whatever the case, warning signs of depression and potentially suicidal tendencies may be deeply missed. 

With so many high-profile suicides of bullied kids in the news in 2010, the reality of criminally harassed children driven to suicide cannot be missed.  If a member of your little gang starts to withdraw, exhibit moodiness, show flaming outbursts, a parent should take deep notice.  Also, attending more teacher-parent conferences can give you deeper insight into what is going on with your kids and the issue of bullying at their school.  More importantly, talk to them about bullying: teachers and kids alike.  Try and keep the issue front and center in the schools and bring as much awareness to it as possible.  With your child, talk to them about bullying.  if you are a father and this is your son, try and get past the macho facades that you may impose on them.  Many campuses have a zero-tolerance policy towards this blatant form of criminal harassment, as it should be. 

Educating your kids not only to the non-tolerance of this is so important.  But always not tolerating them from initiating this behavior in the first place goes a long way to stopping this.  If you start detecting signs of this-talk to them as well.  Children who are bullied at school may not also wish to be at school out of fear, grief, angst and humiliation.  If a member of your brood starts missing school, do not automatically assume it is the rite of passage, ie skipping out.  Find out what’s bugging them.  It may not be bullying.  However, it could very well be.  Being bullied at school has gone on for generations.  It is high time that it is not only not tolerated, but ended once and for all with severe punishments modelled after a zero-tolerance policy.