Single Sex Schools Mixed Sex Schools

Boys do better in mixed secondary schools. There are many reasons for this. Many parents may think that sending their sons to an all boys school will keep them out of trouble but the opposite is generally true. Boys do better in a mixed secondary school because they are exposed to both sexes and they interact on a daily basis with females.

Boys who attend a mixed secondary school will also do better on their social interactions at university as they were interacting with girls at school. Boys who attended a single sex school may have difficulty interacting with girls and this could create problems with their social life. Boys who attend a mixed school will also have the opportunity of dating girls and learning about relationships. Boys from a single sex school can also date but it may be more challenging for them to meet girls.

There may also be more drugs and problems of a social nature associated with boys who attend a single sex school. Sure this problems also exists in the normal mixed schools but it may be more prevalent in single sex schools. The temptation may be too much for these types of boys and it would be easier for them to get mixed up in wrong company as well.

Boys may also be more aggressive at an all boys school and this could lead to violent behaviour. This is not always the case as there are many good single sex schools out there.

Mixed schools are better for learners who take speech and drama as a subject. It is necessary for a speech and drama class to have mixed students as diversity makes it more interesting. Other subjects where diversity is needed includes music, home economic and English.

Boys who attend an all boys school may also be forced to consider a more masculine career.  This may be in conflict confluence to what interests them and they may end up hating their chosen career which may cause them to become demotivated later in life. Mixed schools may encourage the child to develop more in terms of having an individuality than a single sex school which can prove to help them with confidence later on with life.

It is very difficult to say exactly which school boys will do better in. Mixed schools may be better in the long run and help boys deal more effectively with life’s problems but single sex schools have advantages as well.