Social Groups in High School

In my day, ‘Preps, Head-Bangers, Nerds, Jocks, Skaters and Stage Crew’ comes to mind!  Social groups in school have obviously evolved over the past 20 years and you’re more likely to hear about ‘Preps, Metal Heads, Jocks, Goths, Punks, Band Geeks, Smart Kids, Hippies and Gangsters’ now.  Wow, now that’s a mouthful.  

Now what do they all mean?  Here’s a brief description of each, so you can understand the image behind the name.  Think of it as a periodic table for high-school kids.

Preps.  I can’t believe this one is still around!  A Prep is someone that wears expensive clothes and is highly popular.  In my time they wore the polo shirt with the collar turned up. It was soooo cool.

Metal Head.  Just like the name suggests, a Metal Head is a person that is a devoted heavy metal fan  Usually wearing tight black jeans and a band t-shirt. Ever heard of Iron Maiden or Kiss?

Jock.  This was me, someone trained to compete in sports.  And in case you were wondering, I did have to wear a jill, not a jock!

Goths.  Now Goths have a lot of history.  They dress in a unique fashion, with all black, leather bracelets, maybe spiky green hair, baggy clothes and chains. Typically their faces are pale and their outlook on life dreary.  Sometimes they worship Satan and listen to a specific type of music.  Most people are intimidated by their look and creeped out.  I just see them as being starved for attention.  

Punks.  Is a youth subculture associated with punk rock music in the late ’70s. Dress was optional, but intended to shock.  Bright pink hair, weird piercings, bras showing, mohawks, tights, you get the picture.  I was a ‘Punk’ for Halloween one year and colored my hair purple, wore loads of make-up, neon nails, mini skirt, glow-in-the-dark purse and spike heels.  My dad nearly had a heat attack. Guess I did a pretty good job!

Band Geek.  A person involved in band who enjoys it so much they constantly have band on their minds.  I remember they carried their instruments everywhere.

Smart Kids.  They aren’t ‘Nerds,’ they are just smart in school. someone you’d want to do your homework for you.

Hippies.  Are part of the ’60s-’70s counterculture movement in favor of peace and love, not war.  A ‘free love’ society, with the stereotype of smoking pot, drinking and making love.  Hippies typically dress in flower patch jeans, brightly flowered tops, tight pants, beads, big purses, big glasses, headbands and long overcoats.     

Gangsters.  Refer to a criminal who is a member of a gang.  They may pull pranks that brush with the law and could use weapons to threaten or intimidate.  Often defiant of school policies, they tend to skip classes and have little direction.

I hope this overview of social categorizing in high school’s today helps with understanding the dynamics of our ever-changing youth.  Now let me ask you something. What ‘category’ did you fall under?’