Speech and Debate Programs Belong in Schools

Some of the most valuable programs that students can take advantage of are speech and debate programs. Not only are these programs fun and enjoyable, but they also can help students develop valuable skills and learn about the real world.

First, speech and debate programs belong in schools because they give students a chance at public speaking. After participating in a speech or a debate program, students often feel that they have improved their public speaking skills. There’s no doubt that public speaking skills are important skills to have in the real-world. If students can get a head start on public speaking by participating in speech and debate programs, then think of how much better they’ll be once they enter the work world compared to if they hadn’t made use of these programs. Speech and debate programs are possibly the best way students can prepare themselves for presentations and speaking that they may encounter later in life.

Second, speech and debate programs belong in schools because they give students a chance to think and use their minds. Debate programs challenge students to use logic and form arguments so that they can be successful in their debates. Debate requires much research and a lot of work; one must prepare well so that they can do well in their rounds. Likewise, formal speaking also requires that the students research so that they can create speeches that will be effective and interesting to the audience. Debate and speech programs aren’t just about speaking and presentation, they require preparation and work, just as the real world does.

Third, speech and debate programs belong in schools because they give students the chance to participate in an interesting, educational activity outside of their core classes. If a student isn’t really excited about their basic core classes (such as math, science, social studies, etc.), then the speech and debate programs can be something constructive that the students can look forward to. Debate programs additionally can help a student in other academic areas, such as social studies and English. There’s no doubt that debate and speech programs are an excellent choice for an extracurricular activity!

Additionally, speech and debate programs are great because they allow students to learn and study real things. For example, the debate resolution may deal with the military or social services. Whatever the resolution is about, it will require students to dig deep into research and learn about topics and problems that actually exist. Often, after participating in a program such as debate, a student will feel that they know more about current events or real-life topics.

Overall, speech and debate programs provide students with great opportunities and help them to develop essential skills. Speech and debate programs definitely belong in schools; where else can students gain the valuable experience that comes from participating in these programs?